Fertile Octogenarian – May the Odds Ever Be in Your Favor

The first time I heard the phrase fertile octogenarian was in law school.  The premise being that anyone even someone in their 80s and 90s can have a baby.  I’m pretty sure a man created this legal fiction and had never heard of menopause. Maybe he believed menopause to be a myth like the Loch Ness Monster or global warming. Some men are able to sire heirs even when the mechanics start malfunctioning thanks to Viagra and the like.

pregnant old lady elderly woman having baby.jpg

Borrowed from Above The Law

Doctors, the general public and my grandmother have me believing that while I was out dancing up in da’ club until the wee hours of the morning…during what I now realize was an entire decade (maybe more, fine, it was definitely more than a decade), I should have been making some babies.  Well science and grandma, my biological clock wasn’t ticking…but I was real thirsty and needed to shake my rump-shaker.  Plus who was going to babysit while I was hitting up I-Hop at 3:00 AM?  I wasn’t the most irresponsible person I ever met but I definitely was embracing the YOLO philosophy…

The first few years after I graduated college I attended and participated in wedding after wedding then they started having babies…and I hosted and attended baby shower after baby shower (You know you guys owe me, right?)…To each his/her own?  Secretly or not so secretly, I thought these bitches be crazy…I was still finding my way…myself…and the person with whom I wanted to raise some children…AND having a BLAST doing it. I just couldn’t fathom fitting marriage and babies in my life at the time.

I’m 35 now. I’m ready. We’re ready. And here we are in our mid-thirties, still young but worried about the possibility of not being physically able to get pregnant. Instead of freaking out completely we made some appointments.

What we’ve learned so far is that age does play a factor in conception but it isn’t the only factor…However, through the marvel that is modern medicine anything is possible.  So we move forward.

May the odds be Ever in your favor - May the odds be Ever in your favor  effie trinket

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