Paging Dr. M. I. Fertile

The day we decided to start trying to have a baby we were ready to find a 24/7 sperm drive-thru and inseminate with a flexi-straw if it meant getting pregnant right then. We were out of flexi-straws so we decided to seek the advice and wisdom of a fertility doctor.

It seems strange to go to a fertility doctor. Admittedly, I had to wrap my head around going to the fertility doctor. We aren’t having trouble getting pregnant. As far as we know, we’re healthy baby making machines. We are just missing an essential part of the equation, which is frozen in another location and ready for our use at any time. But where else are LGBTQ couples to go?  So I asked the question during a Welcome webcast by Shady Grove Fertility. They’re answer was ecstatically that yes we had come to the right place! That’s comforting to know. The truth is that we cannot do it on our own. To get us pregnant will take more than the two of us. Our consultation appointment at Shady Grove was great. We met with the doctor, our nurse and a financial adviser. (Try to remember the names of ALL of these people – They will be important to you at some point!)

The Consultation appointment is just that – there is no diagnosis – no poking or prodding. It is just talking…obviously of things of a personal nature. Sexual history, drug history, mental health, family health – etc…So be prepared…Do some homework….

  1. Start tracking your cycle before you go.  You’ll need to know how many days your cycle runs.
  2. Ask about your family medical history.
  3. Get a copy of your gyno health sent over to your fertility doctor.
  4. Check what and if you insurance covers fertility testing.

At the end of our session, they sent us out the door with lab paperwork for blood tests and stacks of information.

So what have we been up to since our consultation…well waiting mostly.  Waiting on Lisa to start her menstrual cycle so she could do her Day 3 lab work and ultrasound. We both have rather long cycles but Lisa’s was super long – 45 days! I guess it’s like that saying “a watched pot never boils’….”a watched menstrual cycle never starts”  And wouldn’t you know it, we started on the same20140427-212831.jpg day…We really are meant to be, Ha!  Seriously, we’ve been together for over 6 years and it took baby planning to sync up our menstrual cycles…I guess it shows that we’re working together. I’m not sure what a 45 day cycle will mean for us but that’s why we have the good doctor. Now that the Day 3 tests are out-of-the-way, we wait until our follow-up appointment in May.

At best a woman only has a 20% chance of getting pregnant each cycle. That is an intimidating number. Now that I know that number, I’m amazed that anyone gets pregnant! How much sex are these people having to get pregnant seemingly with such ease? Think about how much time you spent trying not to get pregnant or worrying that you might be pregnant.

And while we wait….We live, we work, we cook, we live, we read, we plan, we scheme, we giggle, we hope and we dream.

5 thoughts on “Paging Dr. M. I. Fertile

  1. I’m still laughing about the drive-thru and the flexi-straw. 🙂 Still…. I’m pulling for you…prayers, positive thoughts, and there MAY be something sacrificed in your honor, but being that you don’t eat animals…it’ll have to be something shitty like a head of kale.

    When you really read pregnancy statistics, it really clinches what a miracle it all is. But when you get that baby, that’s when it will really hit. that two single cells can create millions upon millions of cells, all working together in harmony to differentiate and allow a living, breathing, thinking human…amazing…just amazing. 🙂


      • DONE! Honestly, and I know this sounds stupid…but really picture what you want, and I swear that it helps. If kale chips make you a baby, then you’re having twins. 🙂


  2. Oh my goodness – that impatience, do I know it well. If it helps any, it gets slightly better, such that you are willing to wait for a better flexi-straw. 😉
    20% sounds low, but it’s better than a roll of the dice, and especially better than rolling a d20. Still, it’s made me wonder how the heck anyone gets pregnant the first try. But it happens!


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