Premature Congratulations….


Our in-boxes have been the recipients of some premature congratulations…First, there was the Happy Mother’s Day from Shady Grove followed by two very thorough apologies. Then I received the Congratulations Welcome to Shutterfly email…which had me thinking I had accidentally signed up for something baby related or it was some sort of blitz email campaign….But no it was an error sent to tons of people. I found both errors to be hilariously unfortunate. As one blogger put it,  I envisioned “thousands of angry infertile hostile women all hopped up on hormones leaving angry reply emails and phone calls.” Infertility is obviously not a joke but mistakes happen and this just happens to be amplified in our world because of the sensitivity of the issue. I hope the persons responsible for the errors weren’t reprimanded too harshly…I think to myself would I have even noticed this sort of blunder and subsequent apologies if we weren’t TTC. I delete most ad related emails anyway.

We discussed our TWW (two week wait) patience last night. I feel like if we could knit – we’d sit and knit…not even a shape just watching the hours and days tick away mindlessly knitting….Repeating the mantra – We WILL NOT cheat and take a pregnancy test early.  We WILL NOT cheat and take a pregnancy test early. Lisa attended injection class yesterday and learned about some issues with early testing – false positives and such. We want to avoid that and any sort of subsequent roller-coaster feelings…Seriously, WE WILL NOT cheat and take a pregnancy test before the end of the TWW. Of course, we still want that pee stick moment…so we’re crafting a plan, don’t you worry.

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