Unicorns, Strawberries and Barrels of Monkeys


Family…they’re the first people you meet when entering this world….and probably the last you see when you leave it.  They’re the only people in this entire world that love you just because you were born.  My Legally Married Spouse and I live about 6 hours from her family and 8 1/2 from mine.  All-in-all not a terribly far distance – it’s actually a nice road trip.  Two weekends ago we made the 6 hour trek to her mom’s for the North Carolina Strawberry Festival, to see family and celebrate her 35th birthday!  The weekend was filled with family, laughter, fun, sun and a Hello Kitty beach ball!  The great thing about small Southern towns is the pride everyone feels so when you put on a festival….you PUT ON A FESTIVAL!  Complete with parades, rides, fried foods, and cloggers!  We rode a ride called Barrel of Monkeys that spun so fast – I just pressed my body to the inside wall, closed my eyes and told the Lord it was OK to take me.  Aside from the slight queasy feeling from spinning so much, I spent the weekend smiling and relaxed. It felt good to be there with everyone.  I wish there was a recording of our drive home from dinner – complete with a Frozen sing-along  and hiding from the cops. My sister in law was riding in the way back of my Subaru so OF COURSE we went through a DUI checkpoint…So she covered herself until the coast was clear…It made me super nervous but it was hilarious.  Better moments couldn’t have been scripted.

My personal highlight was “winning” a blow up unicorn I named Steve.  I put winning in quotes because basically I paid $3 and whether our niece caught a fish or not we got a prize.  I guess it’s better than being swindled but I’m going to shell out more if I don’t win on the first try guys…I am OK earning my prize!  I guess it’s not so much earning but gambling for a prize.  I like games of chance…which is kind of like trying to conceive.  The chance is small but the WIN will be HUGE!

 As we plan our little family, I feel more and more of a tug to be near our families.  My mother always said that there would come a day when I’d want to be near family – She was right…Ugh…But please don’t tell her that!  I spent most of my life in very close proximity to my entire family – no greater than 2.5 hours away, which was lovely….But my dreams, goals, and love brought me to where I live.  It is our home.

It’s exciting to think that next year we’ll be celebrating Mother’s Day not only as daughters and grand daughters but as mothers!  It’s easy to get lost in thought about what may come…I’m really big into daydreaming…just ask every teacher who EVER taught me.  The next few weeks we’ll just be waiting until Lisa has her next menstrual cycle so we have our first IUI.  Squeeeee!!!


Steve the Unicorn!


Someone dropped a funnel cake on my foot.


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