Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend


As we were getting ready for our very early Saturday morning 3rd day blood work and ultra sound, Lisa informed me that she did some landscaping for the occasion…a nice diamond pattern.  The first time she went in for her ultrasound and blood work she had no idea that it was a trans vaginal ultrasound so she thought she’d make up for that first ultrasound faux pas by going the extra mile for this one.  I mean, it was a pretty important ultrasound and her enthusiasm for this entire process is inspiring.

In other news, we were give the go ahead to start 50 mg of Clomid and are scheduled for Saturday to see how everything looks.  Because I am slack and finishing this blog on Thursday, Lisa is now finished with the Clomid. Her ovaries were clear and had a good follicle count. That means our IUI could be scheduled as soon as Monday! Squeeeeeee!

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