Let’s Go Bananas


I heart Banana by mnrART


PB:  i had a dream about your baby!!!

PB:  it had red hair

me:  Oooh. that is a possibility and I’ve been feeling a ginger too.

PB:  and you named him banana

me:  Yea, no.


me:  that’s not gonna happen.

PB:  and we had a fight and like you wouldn’t talk to me because i told you that banana was stupid and you had it tatooed on your other foot so you said i can’t change it

PB:  i woke up late because of the dream

me:  I think I may have to blog this conversation.

PB:  and the whole time i was trying to find lisa to tell you that banana was a crazy name and i never found her, then i woke up late thinking …wtf, i really want a banana now so now i’m eating one and happy that you had a baby in my dream and that you didn’t name it banana yet

I like bananas as much as the next girl but that is not a name we’re bouncing around.  Incidentally, if you Google banana tattoos or any variation of that…it’s pretty funny.   


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