Operation IUI #1 – Day 10 Testing and Onward [Almost Real Time Updates]

Friday, June 6 [Update]:  Another day, another trans vaginal ultrasound for Lisa – Largest follicle was 17.3 mm.  Scheduled the IUI for Sunday but then received word in the afternoon that we needed to wait until Monday.  Trigger set for Saturday night!


This is the face of a girl with a good uterine lining!

This is the face of a girl with a good uterine lining!


Wednesday, June 4 [Update]:  Today was Lisa’s 3rd trans vaginal ultrasound in 5 days.  I’m not sure what she’ll do with all her free time in the mornings once we have our IUI.  Largest follicle was around 15.8 mm and IUI possible for Sunday or Monday.  I’m very excited to report that Lisa is picking up the sperm tomorrow.  I’m jealous because I wanted to pick up the sperm in my Subaru. Our IUI fits perfectly in to this weekend – It’s DC Pride and the new season of Orange is the New Black comes out….It’s fate.

Monday, June 2 [Update]: Lisa headed back to the clinic today for ultrasound and blood work. Largest follicle is 14.0mm. HOWEVER, Lisa says that it was 13.3 but she wasn’t about to tell the girl how to do her job…Our doctor also popped in while Lisa was up in the stirrups just to say hello.  He’s kind of a rock star in the DMV area for fertility so from this moment on I will refer to him as Dr. Rock Star.

I handled the sperm end of things this morning – gotta do something to feel accomplished. The tank delivery has been postponed until Thursday – Success!

Sunday, June 1 [Original Post]: Yesterday was our Day 10 testing.  We happily rolled out of bed at 6:30 AM on Saturday for this testing.  Unfortunately, our 7:30 AM appointment was not on the schedule.  Someone messed up…not even sure who.  Thankfully, they fit us in and with not much of a wait.  Results showed that Lisa’s maturest egg follicle was 11mm.  Her hormone levels were good and she’s headed back in the morning for another check.

I call her the incubator – she’s been building the perfect vegan nest for our baby.  Whether our baby is conceived this week or next year.  She’s working hard to make her body ready – I tease her but she’s amazing.


Nest Building Foods


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