Week 6: Pregnancy Closet

Rizzo: Marty, you ain’t gonna tell anybody about this, right?

Marty: Oh sure, Riz, look: I’ll take it to the grave.

Marty: Coming through, coming through. Lady with a baby.

I’m not sure we can even call ourselves in the pregnancy closet.  If there is a closet, the door is wide open!  Actually, the closet probably doesn’t even have a door…maybe just a shower curtain rigged from a tension bar.  It’s hard to be this excited and not tell everyone you’re expecting.  We, of course, told people were going to do the IUI…IUIs are scheduled…Beta tests are scheduled…So people know we know if we’re pregnant.  Also, if you have this blog address, you know Lisa is pregnant.  We’ve started telling family too but I’m still nervous.  Not so nervous I’ll stop telling people though.  Heh heh.  The ultrasound is on Thursday and hopefully we’ll be graduating from our fertility clinic.

We have affectionately started referring to the baby as Alien.  Not for the invasion of the body snatcher type reason (although I’m sure when morning sickness sets in Lisa may feel differently) but because that blossoming bundle of joy looks more like something from the Sci-Fi channel right now than a baby.

We bought two books to track the pregnancy.  One for her to document body changes (hers and the baby) and the other provides a little levity.  We read each evening about what the next day will bring.  This has quickly become my favorite part of the day.  In the quiet of our living room or sprawled across our bed we spend a few quiet moments (aside from the snoring of fur kids) learning about our little Alien’s journey to this world.


4 thoughts on “Week 6: Pregnancy Closet

  1. My spouse and I have enjoyed reading weekly chapters from the 1994 copy of “Your Pregnancy Week By Week” that I got from the thrift store, mainly because of how awful it is, but it is exciting times for sure as that baby grows!


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