Week 6: Nausea and a Heartbeat

The incubator texted me this morning that she had thrown up in our bathroom trashcan – “It was weird. But unavoidable. Twice.”  I am pretty sure my response to this news was inappropriate – “Yay!” BUT I was excited…morning sickness is a normal pregnancy symptom – OBVIOUSLY, one I would not wish on my worst frenemy but I considered her vomit a good thing!  I have never been so proud of vomit in all of my life! She was texting me this around 30 minutes before the ultrasound…

Side Note: No, I did not attend the first ultrasound.  I started a new position last week so taking time off the second week would be a big faux pas!  It blows major you know whats not being able to be there!

While Lisa was being probed with the magic wand, I was anxiously waiting by the phone with my pants securely fastened.

Additional Side Note: I feel the need to share that I found my zipper down twice today…One of those times I walked down the street, rode on a bus, rode on the Metro, walked to my office and walked through my office before finally noticing on my own that my fly was in fact wide open! Brand new pants so I know it’s not the zipper…it’s the operator.  Let’s just say that my mind was on other things…happening in other locations (yea, that’s it).

Enough about my mishaps…you came here to read about baby making…The ultrasound went great – heartbeat was strong and the size was normal.  Everything thus far is progressing well.  We both had been very anxiously awaiting this day…When you’re not constantly being tested it’s hard to trust that things are just happening.  I could hear her smile on the other end of the phone as was I.  Immediately I just swelled with happiness.  I feel like I may now be jubilant!   We’re going to be moms!

Baby's First Social Media

Baby’s First Social Media

Also, Also, Also – Our fertility clinic is amazing.  If you’re in the DC area and looking for a fertility clinic, check out Shady Grove.  They are very LGBT friendly and have been really great to work with!

It’s getting late but I’m riding high on the heartbeat of a lentil sized alien as the Incubator is snoozing away after another tough day of human building…Today was a good day.

And then…I will eventually get the Incubator to post.  The site is called Lez B Vegan MomS! Hint Hint Lisa!

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