Week 7: Nausea Has Lost All Novelty


Week 7 meant a lot of resting – Lisa dealing with the side effects of growing a human and me with the very special summer cold (that she gave me).  We were pretty pitiful this week but we attempted and I guess succeeded in taking care of each other.

Remember a post or two back when I cheered for nausea?  Well that was dumb.  No one should ever cheer on or encourage nausea.  Nausea is a douche-bag. Lisa is pretty much nauseated from sun up to sun down…So far we have combated nausea with –

  • Crackers – I’m pretty sure Lisa would shank me with a cracker before she’d eat it right now.  I hid the crackers and am sleeping with one eye open.  I’ve seen Orange is the New Black!
  • Sea-Bands – They seem to be working so they are a permanent accessory right now.  Lisa always looks prepared for a tennis match or possibly to fight crime.
  • Life Savers – Lisa read somewhere that these little candies help keep your sugar level and stave off the nausea.  She swears they saved her at work a few days this week.
  • Preggie Pop Drops – We bought some today but Lisa popped one and 10 seconds later was hurling it out the car window.

Things/People/Activities that caused nausea this week:

  • Brushing teeth – Lisa tossed her cookies (literally) more than once this week while engaging in oral hygiene.
  • Crackers – Apparently thinking or attempting to eat a cracker has become intolerable.
  • Cooking – Unfortunately (for me), even preparing our favorite dishes has left Lisa with no appetite and running from the kitchen.
  • Kissing – Unfortunately (again, for me), I’m sensing a trend with things dealing with the mouth.

Of course, I would love to hear other remedies for driving away the nausea. Please share!

I’m not entirely sure if cravings have started but there definitely is a shift in food desires.  Today’s dinner selection went from tacos to Chinese food before finally settling on pizza.  Lisa has always been the chef of our household but I’m trying to help and take over some of the food preparation while nausea rules all.   So this morning I cooked homemade biscuits, grits and tempeh bacon (one of our favorite breakfast combos).  As Lisa headed off in the direction of the shower…she threw out this little gem…”I’d help you but my metabolism is going to make our baby.”  She said it with a giggle so I know she was joking…but she has prepared over 3/4s of the meals in our kitchen for the past 3 years so I think I can handle cooking a breakfast on my own….with pride and joy even.

Which brings me to a new portion of this blog…the actual vegan part.  In honor of our ever growing bundle of joy….I bring you vegan recipes based on size each week.  This week the baby is the size of a blueberry so I made homemade vegan blueberry pop-tarts!

7 thoughts on “Week 7: Nausea Has Lost All Novelty

  1. Those fetus fruit comparisons really do put things into persepective, especailly how fast they from…week 10-12 goes from lime to mango! WTH!?!?! Luckily, Callie hasnt had ANY ms, but i feel for you! Kissing? Dude!! That must be the pits. But hopefully it wont last very long…and thanks for the recipe…im gona try it and let you know how it goes…


  2. OMG, the recipe thing is the cutest idea. I might have to steal it (if that’s okay!) if I ever get pregnant.
    I have no suggestions for nausea. My wife has a much weaker stomach than I and we’ve never really been able to find something that works consistently. Well, except for the anti-nausea liquid we acquired once, and that only works in the she pretends not to be nauseous so she doesn’t have to take it kind of way. 😉


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