Week 8: Thriving Embryo

Today was a perfect mixture of relaxation and productivity.  Today was a good day (a la Ice Cube)…This morning while standing in the kitchen admiring our ultrasound photos Lisa said the funniest truest thing that came to mind – “While I’ve been feeling like shit, that thing has been thriving.”


It’s true that she has felt like le poo and it is true that the alien has quadrupled in size!  She is not showing yet though…we did our monthly photo shoot which we’ve now decided to do weekly….

8 x 4 compare

See, no difference really…except my photography skills seem to have worsened over the past 4 weeks. (If you see a difference, you better keep it to yourselves!) – Please note that the trigger shot bruise is still there!

Lisa also made her way back in to the kitchen today and created some food magic – I’m not sure if the homemade baked spaghetti was the best or the homemade vegetable soup and grilled cheese.  Both meals were amazing and will make for some great lunches for the work week!

We also bought new bed sheets.  We made use of a wedding present we have been holding on to since January.  Macy’s was having an awesome sale on bedding – We bought $650 worth of sheets for around $145.  Score!  Can’t wait to put those on the bed!

Some time earlier this week Lisa proclaimed that she was sick of drinking water.  Water is about the only thing we drink in this house besides hot teas…The woman was already filling up two bottles of water before heading out the door in the morning…But pregnancy doesn’t discriminate…aversions come out of no where….take bananas for example…we were buying 3 bunches of bananas a week…The woman couldn’t get enough bananas…Now bananas are evil and smell terrible.

We’ve spent the week coming up with alternative beverages to water that do not contain caffeine, too much sugar and do not make her want to spew…Decaffeinated iced tea seems to be the favorite…but she has powered through and continued to drink water as well since it is pretty important for life. While at our favorite Vietmanese joint, I ordered a limeade with club soda that was delicious. I demand some sort of carbonation daily.  Lisa tasted mine and it did not offend so I decided to try to make some at home.  Since this week our little bundle of joy is the size of a raspberry, I made raspberry limeade!

2 thoughts on “Week 8: Thriving Embryo

  1. We do weekly pics too…in my opinion, that’s the best way to document their body changes, and it’ll be really neat for the little ones when they are a little older and can appreciate that sort of stuff….and that belly will be growing nicely in another 2-3 weeks or so…its awesome to see your wife’s body change… $145?!?!? UR DAMN RIGHT, SCORE!


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