Week 9: Fetus (Feed Us)

I’m pretty sure the word fetus came about because a pregnant woman became angry hangry and starting yelling, “Feed us, feed us.”

Week 9 started with a very tired, hungry and nauseated pregnant lady in need of a break.  I convinced Lisa to take a few days off from work to sleep and rest.  The nausea combined with slight insomnia is not a great combination – for anyone!  The fertility clinic prescribed Lisa some Diclegis for her nausea. This is a relatively new drug on the market made especially with morning sickness in mind. CAUTION:  Do not take this for the first time on a night you have work or something important to do the next day. Lisa was miserable the morning after her first dosage which defeated the purpose of quelling the nausea.  We cut her dosage in half and it seems to help the nausea and doesn’t cause any lingering lethargy the next day.  As with most things, I’m sure everyone’s reaction to the drug will be different.  The pill even has a little pregnant lady on it. 20140803-223737-81457823.jpg

The interesting thing about nausea is it doesn’t keep Lisa from being hungry.  It’s so weird….Wave of nausea….I want a mango…Wave of nausea…No, I want a sub sandwich…Wave of Nausea…Mmmmm onion rings sound good…Wave of nausea…How about some gummy bears…

She mentioned wanting some Gatorade the other day so I picked up a few bottles at the grocery store…Her response to drinking a sip…”I don’t even like this stuff, I have no idea why I want it.”

But sometimes those whimsical taste buds score big (for me!)…Cookie madness hit us on Tuesday night when we popped in to Mom’s Market to get some dessert to take home after some delicious dinner at our favorite Vietnamese restaurant, Four Sisters. Being vegan does not mean you lose your taste for sweets. In fact, vegan desserts are better than non vegan desserts to me.  Lisa’s mom was in town for a few days so we, of course, had to give her a proper introduction to all of the treat selections available at Mom’s.

We picked up a few of our favorites to share!

Our first stop by the cold case Lisa spotted a Sweet & Sara S’mores with peanut butter. This chocolate covered piece of heaven is one Lisa’s favorites.  Sweet & Sara marshmallows are the best vegan option on the market in my opinion.


My personal favorite is the Ginger Snapdragon from Liz Lovely Cookies.  The cookies are so moist and yummy – and the ginger really does snap…in a good way – the sugar crystals and ginger pieces on top are nice touch too.  The Cowboy cookie is also delicious…I haven’t had a Liz Lovely cookie that wasn’t amazing!!

Lisa’s mom chose the Oatmeal Cream Pie Cookie from Sticky Fingers bakery!  Some vegan cream spread between two oatmeal cookies – Makes you want to find Little Debbie and slap her silly! We first had this tasty treat at Vegfest a few years ago. We are fortunate enough to live near Sticky Fingers and a few other amazing vegan bakeries.

Lisa’s mom’s visit this week was planned but it turned out to be well-timed too.  It gave me peace of mind knowing she was here during the day making sure Lisa ate and wasn’t alone if she got sick.

No ultrasounds or doctor visits this week so no new pictures of our little bundle.  I did schedule Lisa’s first appointment with the midwifery group we’ve chosen (and an additional group next week, just in case).  Our initial impression of our chosen group was great.  However, their administrative person is rather clipped and not helpful at all…not exactly what hormonal women are looking for in a caregiver.  Thus the appointment with Group #2 next week just in case Lisa isn’t ‘feeling it’ at her appointment this week.

On Lisa…Aside from the nausea, Lisa is doing well.  Today she said that jeans were no longer comfortable.  She hasn’t gained any weight yet but I think she’s just about ready to start showing.

On the embry…O wait it’s a fetus…that’s right…we’ve entered the fetal period!  We have a fetus!  This week our fetus is the size of a grape whose vital organs have started function!  Oh, little grape…you fit so snug in the palm of my hand….

On Me…I’m so glad you asked…I’m doing well.  I started a new job about a month ago.  Things are going well.  I’m relishing every moment of this even the not so pretty ones.


Also…I finally made an About Us page and a Contact Us page…check it out and find us on the inter webs.

6 thoughts on “Week 9: Fetus (Feed Us)

  1. I’d say the gummi bears show her need for gelatin, but seeing as how they’re vegan gummies that falls a bit short. 😉
    Also, wow, it’s one thing to read that the fetus is the size of a grape, but another to see that wee little grape in your hand. Ohmygoodness.


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