Puppies, Babies and Pregnant Ladies

I am completely obsessed with puppies, babies and pregnant ladies…not necessarily in that order and to varying degrees.  It’s totally manageable though…I’ll pet a stranger’s dog in a heartbeat but I’m not the sort of gal that walks up to strangers and ask if I can touch their belly or kid…That’s weird…

Unless you do that sort of thing then it’s totally normal and I’m not judging…Yes, I am…Don’t touch my pregnant lady or kid…You can pet my dog.  That’s totally cool and I won’t think you’re a weirdo.  However, once you start petting you aren’t allowed to stop so pet at your own risk. 

I’m just more keenly aware of all of the baby making around me now.  I never knew there were so many pregnant ladies.  I never really noticed before…but now they are all just adorable and EVERYWHERE.  Of course, none are as adorable as mine.  She’s snoozing away right now…If she were a puppy or a baby I’d take her picture and post it right now but I’m pretty sure she would not approve.  Some of my friends who got in to the baby making business much earlier in life post many cute and amazing pictures of their kids…I have my favorites…I’m always tapping Lisa saying look, look it…so cute…

So thanks to the internets puppies, babies, and puppies and babies are mega popular and fill my Facebook feed daily.  I’d have to say that I’ve fallen down the cuteness rabbit hole with no signs of coming out any time soon.  I am OK with that.  Here are a few of my favorites at the moment.

1.  Momma’s Gone City – It all started with Theo and Beau – not only are they super cute – the photography is amazing.  The two little nappers are just too much.  They even have a book coming out of their nap time poses. You can find them on Instagram – #theoandbeau2014-03-13_1394737919

2. Brandileigh080 – Eisleigh and Clyde – This puppy just snuggled up and melted my heart.  And his name is Clyde…I don’t know how but he looks like a Clyde!

3.  Pit Bull Licks New Born – So many baby giggles…

4. Lena the Rottweiler Taking a Shower…I mean…I can’t even…

5. Girl and Bull Terrier Cuddling – OMG the patience of that dog.  It’s so sweet.  Dogs really are the best.

In the world of viral videos – dogs rule the world.  And I am a complete sucker for it.  Their little hoomans are cute too!

5 thoughts on “Puppies, Babies and Pregnant Ladies

  1. My spouse (who isn’t really a “people person”) said the same thing when I was pregnant, she started noticing pregnant women and babies more. And just the other day we were enjoying the new Youtube world open to us of videos of babies cooing and babies and puppies. Before we just used to look up “otters holding hands.”


  2. I particularly like the newborn being licked by a pit bull. Just gives me a smile as I was watching it. People seem to have a wrong notion about pit bull and their aggressiveness. This video just proves it wrong. – Lisa Williams


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