One Lovely Blog Award

Oh my gosh, I’ve been nominated for the One Lovely Blog Award by Planting Beans. Let me start by thanking all of the little people…Actually, I am sincerely thankful and extremely touched that she nominated me. This is my very first blog award…EVER…And I am super excited. The fact that people are even reading my blog completely blows my mind. So thank you Planting Beans so so much!

My nominator is one of my favorites!  And I’m not kidding…I follow her on Twitter and on Instagram so it is a real fondness for this quirky little Canadian blogger.  She is very open and honest about her fertility journey and life in general.  She is super talented and creative (and should start her own wedding planning business/bakery, probably), funny and smart.  And she has a dog named Swarley (which I hope is HIMYM reference), if not it still cracks me up. If you aren’t following her blog, you should.

The other criteria for accepting a One Lovely Blog Award are:

  1. List the rules.
  2. Thank your nominator.
  3. List seven (7) facts about yourself.
  4. Nominate 15 other bloggers and let them know you did.
  5. Display the award logo and follow your nominator.

Seven Things About Me

  1. I am not Canadian…Not even a little.  I’m your regular type USA-er…I am from South Carolina but currently call Northern Virginia my home.
  2. I love Halloween…more than Christmas!  I love the costumes, the spooky decorations, the Trick-or_Treating, haunted houses…I was always the girl in the scary costume while everyone else was trying to get their hooker on.
  3. I have been married for almost a year to a lovely lady who is also not Canadian!
  4. I don’t drink coffee but I love Starbucks lattes…I cannot help myself.
  5. I/we have two dogs who are so weird and wonderful (just like their moms) – I think they may be French Canadian.
  6. I am a Hello Kitty fanatic…we go way back.  And I’m pretty sure she’s a cat…I don’t care what they say…
  7. I can sing the Canadian national anthem in French.

Fifteen Other Lovely Bloggers

When I started the blog back in the Spring I started following women who were TTC and/or were part of the LGBTQ community.   Below are some of those women…They are all inspiring, honest and open.  If you read their blogs, you’ll notice the same people commenting and encouraging each other…This is a special group of bloggers and I’m happy to nominate them all.

1. The Chronicles of a Non Belly Mama

2. Speck of Awesome

3. Not Sisters

4. Babies for Ladies

5. Gayby Makes Six

6. Shawns and Cade

7. ReciprocalLove

8. The Gayby Project: Making the Next Generation of Fabulous

9. Making Gaybies in the Land of Zion 

10. 2 Mamas in the Works

11. Don’t Worry, I Won’t Be Like That

12. Eventual Momma

13. My Little Happy Family

14. LesBeMums

And there is this blog which is just hilarious and the author will probably give me crap for calling her lovely…

15. Fisticuffs And Shenanigans

 Some of you have already been nominated and have posted!  Don’t feel like you need to do it again!  Just wanted you to know that your words are appreciated!



9 thoughts on “One Lovely Blog Award

  1. This made my day. I laughed so hard at the number of times you said Canadian. My Swarley is named after HIMYM!!! Nobody ever gets that! You should have seen the look on the senior citizen’s face after she asked for his name. I’m a huge HIMYM fan lol


  2. I love, love, love that most of your blogs are beautiful, family-oriented blogs about making and raising babies…and then there’s mine. LMAO. I adore you, and I will totally pretend I’m not delighted that you said I was lovely, but I am. Just don’t tell anyone, or they’ll think I’m nice, or something. 🙂 Thank you Broccoli’ve made my entire day. xo


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  4. I’ve totally forgotten to do this – oops! Thank you so much, anyway, it’s really sweet

    I, too, have just noticed that we seem to follow each other, creating a lovely community. I’m so proud to be a part of it.


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