Week 17: Baby Moon

Q. Why was the girl staring at the carton of orange juice?


A. It said concentrate.

I am not going to apologize for not blogging for two weeks as it is likely to happen again. You would eventually get tired of my half ass reasons for not writing anyway. The truth is…I am a procrastinator of the worst kind, addicted to television, social media and cuddling…so writing takes a back seat a lot of times. I tried to be all organized and carve out time but for some reason when I have PMS writing seems sooooooo HARD.

During Week 17 our little bundle of fetus goodness was the size of a navel orange. There are a ton of delicious things you can make with a navel orange but I totally did not make any of them. We instead took our little orange to the beach!


Lisa and I headed to Rehoboth Beach the last weekend of September (9/27) for a little …Babymoon…Birthday weekend type getaway. If you’re not familiar with the East Coast of the United States…Voila!


If you’re not familiar with the concept of a babymoon…don’t worry…I had never heard of one either until someone asked if we were taking one. Having had a destination elopement and a honeymoon less than a year ago… I chuckled an answer of “no”… BUT we decided to take a little trip for my birthday that will in fact be our last getaway for just the two of us before our bundle arrives next year. If you do any research on babymoons, you will notice that most destinations are tropical and/or resort related. I am sure there is some preggers lady who wants to walk, hike, bike or swim something…but I think of relaxation and a general state of zen as babymoon criteria. We’ve been lucky to have lived within a few hours of a beach our entire lives. Carolina beaches, of course, cannot be beat but Rehoboth, Delaware is not too shabby! We took our first trip to Rehoboth last year…for Lisa’s birthday…However, it was a very different kind of trip…one in which we drank a little too much at the Frog Pond and then stayed in bed out of necessity not desire.

Rehoboth is a great little destination…It has a small town vibe…There are a number of gay owned and operated businesses in Rehoboth so that definitely is a draw for people. Plus there are vegan friendly food eateries! And Rehoboth is for everyone – your gay BFF, your kids, your mom, your dad, your grandparents, your favorite vegan…plenty of nice beach, food to eat, arcades, and shopping.

Where to Stay:

We used VRBO.com to make our reservation this time. We stayed in a cute little apartment overlooking Baltimore Ave. On Friday night we fell asleep to the sounds of people have a good time. There is no reason to worry about noise keeping you up in Rehoboth. The bars close pretty early so if you hate the sound of laughter and joy – don’t worry it doesn’t last all night! The apartment has a little bistro table for dining al fresco, a separate bedroom and living room area, and all the comforts of home minus the stove…But who needs a stove when there are so many excellent places to eat! This particular building has two other apartments as well! They guy who manages the property, Michael, was super nice.  He even came to our rescue when we could not open our door…yes, we could not open our door…It wasn’t the door, it was us. Actually, I read the directions a little too literally.

Where to Eat:

One of the exciting features about Rehoboth is that there are a few places known for their vegan dishes.

Breakfast: Greenman Juice Bar & Bistro not only has juices and smoothies for a light breakfast on the go but has a vegan egg scramble and oatmeal! They also have a few vegan sandwiches on the lunch menu which are great!

Lunch: El Dorado serves up awesome tofu tacos (grilled or fried)!  We discovered this place on our way home last year.  It’s off Coastal Hwy so it’s a great place to stop in if you’re out outlet shopping.

Dinner: Hobos Restaurant & Bar serves several vegan dishes including “mac n cheese” and Philly “cheese” steak. The atmosphere is eclectic…sit on the porch! It’s a great place for a relaxed dinner or a romantic night out.

Coffee: Cafe a Go-Go is a great little place on Rehoboth Avenue. They don’t have a website but they serve up a great latte. Lisa says it is the best Chai Tea Latte she has ever had.

What to Do:

The beach – Obviously!


Eat Ice Cream (TCBY Vegan Soft Serve)


Walk along the boardwalk then sit on a bench and watch the waves…


Shop (Responsibly or Ridiculously)

We are going to be amazing parents!

Who has parenting nailed? These moms!


How awesome is this shirt?!?


We got jokes!

We had such a great time…the weather ended up being much warmer than we expected so we were able to enjoy the beach and get a little Vitamin D while we watched parents play with their toddlers and daydreamed about our future beach trips. We giggled as we wandered from store to store along Rehoboth Avenue and people watched from our bench. We played skee-ball in the arcades and ate licorice laces before calling it a night. My pedometer said we walked 10 miles on that Saturday…but they weren’t rushed or hurried. It was a wonderful way to start my 36th year and spend some time together!



On our way home we stopped off for some produce and preserves!  I saw these huge pumpkins and all I could think was…that is not going to fit in my hand.


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