Happy 1st Anniversary…

A year ago at 10:00 AM on a very chilly Saturday morning in New York City I married…The One…that sees me, loves me, encourages me, believes in me…The one…that makes me laugh, makes me think, makes me try to be a better person. I did not know what marriage would look like but I knew spending the rest of my life with her was the only future I could see. They say the first year of marriage is hard…maybe the saying should read “hard work” instead…but rewarding good honest work never hurt anyone…and I wake up every day excited and happy to be married to her.

HeatherLisa (42)

Marriage ceremony performed by Judie Guild, ElopeNYC.com

HeatherLisa (35) HeatherLisa (23)

HeatherLisa (69)


Cake by BabyCakes NYC! Carrot cake with cinnamon icing! A gift from our friend BB! Day of Dead brides from Salem, MA.


HeatherLisa (9)To our three very special friends who were there (faces hidden b/c of their jobs)…We thank you for sharing and making our day so wonderful. Thank you so much BB, BE, and JK! We love you!

9 thoughts on “Happy 1st Anniversary…

  1. So awesome!!! Love the theme!!! You guys are a great couple and I agree with the “hard work” vs “hard” the first years are hard work but the are also beautiful and reviling and are some of the sweetest moments of your life!!! Cheers to your anniversary!!! May you have many many more together!!


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