An Orderly All Encompassing UPDATE….Through Week 35

Holy crapola,that’s right it’s freaking Week 32 33 34 35! I have been writing this blog entry for weeks. I am not proud that it is taking me so long to write one blog entry but things have been busy. There is a baby coming in the next few weeks.  Not some abstract number of weeks that feels so far away it might as well be infinity but in a matter of weeks, days, hours…It is exciting, intimidating, awesome, weird, exhausting, wonderful, marvelous…I am not even the one with surging hormones and those are my feelings like every 30 seconds. I was riding down the elevator to get a latte because of the exhausting part…when I had one of those “I’m going to be mom” moments…someone is going to call me mom, I will be a mom. (That’s where the weird and wonderful come in to play.) It’s one of those times I would like to use the word surreal then I do not because well people are weird about the use of surreal.

Anyway, so I want to catch you up on our life….These events are not in order but will baby update last as the grand finale!

1. We moved!

I keep wanting to say, “we bought a zoo!” However, that would be entirely incorrect and untrue. We did buy a house though! We closed the week before Christmas! How crazy are we, right? We love it. We were all moved in at the beginning of the new year with the help of our amazing family! This girl had to work and the other one is pregnant so we were completely dependent on our fine family for all of the help! We seriously could not have done it without them – And Bonus —we all got to spend time together during a holiday!


When we started looking at houses back in November, we did not expect to find “the one” on our first trip out.  We were just testing the waters…figuring out what and where we wanted it to be. But when I walked into this house, an entire life played out before my eyes and I knew…this would be our home. We still need to decorate and finish the baby’s nursery but my amazing wife is all nesty so there is no packed box to be seen!

We love our entire new home but of course, my favorite part is the wet bar downstairs because it has a beverage/wine refrigerator…There was talk of me selling this prized possession but I was all like…WHOA…Hold On…let’s not be hasty…So the beverage fridge stays…So you can all start sending me bottles of your favorite champagne. Another fun feature is the fact that we now have two microwaves…We haven’t had a microwave since 2010. So, of course, I was excited about this modern technology that cooks food with mystical powers super fast but I have used it to cook 1 bag of popcorn. It was fun, it was exciting but the thrill is gone.  Our microwave(s) remains clean and shiny!

Once the nursery is all set or at least most of the way there, I will post pictures of that!

2. The Pregnant Lady

Lisa is doing superbly! She is 35 Weeks and 1 day…she looks great…she’s healthy. A full night’s sleep has become elusive for her…She has had three midwife appointments since my last update. One included the glucose test which she passed. Her blood pressure has remained normal throughout her pregnancy. So far no swelling of ankles or feet. I read about people leaving behind the vegan lifestyle during pregnancy for different reasons but Lisa has had no complications or issues (nor has the baby). She eats healthy and smart…she has more will power than me.  She even is able to resist all the good vegan treats and convenience foods.  (just thought I’d brag on her for a minute)

We have been dealing with a placenta issue that appears may have resolved itself. There was some talk of placenta previa so a 30 week scan was scheduled. That scan showed not much change in the distance of the placenta from the cervix plus some possible vessels in the way of the cervix (vasa previa) so we scheduled a 32 Week ultrasound. During the two weeks before the ultrasound things were a bit panicky. Either of these conditions would change our birth plan and time line. If these things were happening, that baby could be coming as soon as Week 35 because of the complications that could arise out of a natural birth. Were we ready? Could we be ready?!? Also, all of the reading about Vasa previa proved to be scary. However, the 32 Week ultrasound results were promising. The placenta seems to have started to move far enough away from the cervix and there didn’t seem to be any vessels in the way. We go back again today for another look. We are hoping to know what our plan will be after the ultrasound this afternoon. The 34 Week ultrasound showed that the placenta has moved away from the cervix! Yay placenta! However, out of an abundance of caution, the doctor on duty suggested that we not labor at home but go straight to the hospital when labor begins.


3. The Baby

 The baby is perfect. There is really nothing else I can I’ll show you pictures.

Warning: The cuteness is overwhelming.

Side Effects Include: Melting heart, strange verbal utterances (oooh…ahhh), enlarging of smile, tugging at ovaries and in some cases subjects experienced eye watering. If any of these and/or other symptoms occur, congratulations you’re not dead on the inside. The writer of this blog is not responsible for any side effects related to viewing these pictures.

IMG_0137 IMG_0138 IMG_0136

19 thoughts on “An Orderly All Encompassing UPDATE….Through Week 35

  1. Congrats on the house!!! A bottle of wine will surely be on the way for that awesomeness that is your wine fridge…uh, heck yes!!! Congrats on the house friends! It looks amazing! Cant wait to see the finished nursery. And all the cuteness from those u/s pics truly did cause all of those side effects…so excited that this little baby is almost here!


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