The Baby Needs All The Things…

Other than writing to Santa Claus, there are only two times in your life when it is socially acceptable to make a list of items and ask someone to buy them for you…your wedding registry (we eloped so we skipped registering) and your baby registry. Unless you include Pinterest…and let’s face it…Pinterest is just a life registry. It is…you get to tell the entire world how you want to decorate your house, what you want for dinner, for Christmas, how you want to decorate your dog’s meditation room…Thanks to Pinterest there is no reason in this world why your grandmother should buy you another sweater with Daffy Duck on it…ever…unless that’s what you’re Pinteresting…

But anyway, registering for gifts is supposed to be fun right? You just get a price gun and go to town! But I wasn’t having fun…I did not know where to begin…I was overwhelmed and frustrated. Walking around Babies R US just looking at the tons and tons of items was headache inducing. I had a difficult time making our registry at first. Here’s why:

  1. There is no one store that has all of the things we want.
  2. We love supporting small businesses like on ETSY.
  3. It is so easy to get overwhelmed…choosing safe cost efficient quality items for every part of a teeny tiny person’s day.
  4. I had no idea where to start

When it came time to make our registry, I had a few false starts. I tried Amazon and looked at Babies R US but it was all too much…One day while I was on Twitter I came across BabyList (and mention is made of it in Kind Mama).


This amazing website lets you create a baby registry choosing items from all over the internet. Sheets from Land of Nod, why not?  Humidifier from Amazon, go ahead! Super cute onsie on ETSY, yes you can! There are also sample registries to peruse if you need some inspiration! How does this magic happen, you ask? With the BabyList Bookmark that conveniently sits on your browser bar so it is easy to add items while you’re browsing.


BabyList allows you to categorize your items on your list so you can break down your list into feeding, diapering, decor…etc. This keeps you organized and not having to search a long random list of items.


So what happens after you choose an item is pretty magical. Most items from major stores will populate with prices from around the web so the buyer can buy the item at the best price…That’s right, you have options!  So you forgot to order/buy a gift…you can quickly find out where things are available then pop in on your way to the shower. How awesome is that?


What is even better is that if the price goes up, goes down, or if the stock runs out – Babylist alerts you!  You get an email letting you know that something has changed so you can take it off of your list or find a different vendor.

IMG_0105 IMG_0235

You also get email alerts every time someone reserves something on your list. You can choose to look at your list to see who or don’t…It’s up to you!  BabyList will not reveal who sent you a present or what is in your email!

For me making my registry using BabyList was fun, easy to use and a great way to stay organized. I recommend checking out their site especially to get some registry ideas…If you’re like me and you still need some extra help learning what baby needs check out Lucie’s List Baby Registry Basics. I sat down one day and just went through step by step to finish creating our baby registry. She suggests great products from the budget friendly to the budget bust so it’s great for anyone to use!

Some questions did arise once our registry was passed around to friends and family mostly because this concept is fairly new. And I also had to come to the realization that there are people who do not have Amazon Prime in their lives…I don’t know how they function! There are even people who prefer to shop in stores which is where the multiple location part comes in handy! Gift buyers may and can buy items from any store or order them online. Items bought online can be shipped to you or them. All the gift giver has to do is pick an item then reserve it.


Side Note: Because I was using this to keep myself organized I was buying things off the registry too…so Elton John reserved some things as did John Mayer and Katy Perry.

So, you get it, I’m a big fan. Also, creating a registry crosses off an important “to do” on your getting ready for baby list so check it out!

10 thoughts on “The Baby Needs All The Things…

  1. Wow thats super cool! Could I ask if you (and you too Andie) would share your babylist’s with me? My wife is travelling to the US in the way home to the Caribbean in March & I’m hoping to get some interesting bits and pieces shipped to a friends in LA for her to collect on the way through. I have no idea whats out there though as your options are so immense compared with whats available in NZ, and i have no one else to advise me on what’s cool, interesting, a must buy etc. I love that babylist has all the different store options etc too!


  2. I’m so happy to see this post! I just started my registry on Baby because my sister loved it too. She had items from Etsy and organic stores and bit stores. I feel more confident about using it seeing your post. Good luck with it!

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  3. ALL THE THINGS! Okay, my advice…do not buy a changing table. Totally effing useless, because you’ll just change the baby on the couch, floor, or where ever you may be. I have three kids, and I used the table exactly once…for a picture.


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