Nuclear Meltdowns…

Sometimes just when you think you’ve got this parenting thing nailed…the baby has a major meltdown. The kind that deplete your arsenal of weapons…vacuum noises, diaper changes, feeding, bouncing, rocking, calm voices, burping, a different room, pacifier…two moms pulling out all the stops…You can even see on your dog’s face, he’s judging you…The kind that start in the afternoon and don’t end even when The Following is about to come on…The kind when you think you have it soothed, solved and satisfied…then you kiss her on the forehead and there she blows again…

You Google, worry, question…repeat but babies are just like us they get over tired, over stimulated and overly gassy. But turns out they only have the one outlet…they do not yet know the beauty of red wine and Pepto (not like as a combination, I mean as products). Time, patience and a well-timed belly rub are sometimes the only things that work…


When the crying is all finished, you make your wife a chocolate milkshake (vegan, of course) and enjoy the most intense hour of television (The Following), then you watch funny YouTube videos extra late just because…You also remind your wife that not only do you love her, you like her…and you both laugh because you make the same joke…because even after all the crying you still get each other…

Vegan Chocolate Milkshake (two servings)

  • 2 Frozen Bananas
  • Enough Rice Milk for your particular consistency liking
  • Some raw cacao powder
  • Splash of vanilla
  • Dash of cinnamon
  • A squirt of agave

I know this isn’t a very technical recipe but you just add all the things until you like it. That’s how we do!

We actually didn’t  watch the episode with Fortune Feimster but I think it’s funniest. You should watch all the episodes though. Liz Feldman is pretty fantastic.

Tyler Oakley just makes me giggle. Mamrie Hart does now as well.

3 thoughts on “Nuclear Meltdowns…

  1. I always come out of those moments feeling totally whiplashed. As in “WTF just happened?” They do seem to get fewer and farther between once out of the fourth trimester though! And it sounds like you have the perfect coping mechanism. 🙂 I used to strap Darwin on in the Ergo and walk up and down our street at about 10/11pm singing and bouncing. I can’t imagine what our neighbors thought!

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