The First Day…

There were a lot of firsts today so I thought this is something I should write down…


Today was the first day…

  • I was home alone with my baby girl. We both survived so we are both winners!
  • I fed LA for the first time today! That may sound slightly odd but she has been solely fed from the breast until this week (except one time when we were testing her bottle taking willingness but I was just an observer). I was kind of nervous about it but luckily she is a super hungry girl and kind of could care less what her food is coming out of as long as it is coming!
  • I wrangled three dogs and a baby…all dogs slept the ENTIRE time. So lazy…But still soooo MUCH responsibility…you know, checking that they are all breathing because of all the sleeping…
  • I was alone soothing a fussy baby who is my daughter (mind blown, mind blows daily still). She really was minimally fussy but every time she let out a little whimper I figured out what she wanted or needed without the assistance of a boob. Although most of the time she was wanting something nipple shaped anyway.
  • I put my daughter to sleep for the night by myself. She is snoozing and dreaming as I type. (uh oh, eyes are open! false alarm, she’s back asleep)


Those firsts add up to a successful day in my book! I was even able to sneak in some laundry, some vacuuming and two meals (My MIL did help with turning my “chicken strips” when she got back today though – LA was fighting sleep and a bottle…so she saved them from a certain crispy death). We read books, sang songs, talked about life, played…you know baby things…I guess I got a little taste of what Lisa has been doing for the past 7 weeks. With Lisa returning to work our little world takes on a more scheduled feel. Saturdays will be our “mommy and me” day. I am excited to take her out and about to experience the world but I’m glad our first Saturday together was at home.

I also found a little time to put the Back to Work playlist on Spotify! Some of you requested it…and by some of you I mean Ellen…Ellen suggested it…on Facebook so you didn’t see it but she did. So anyway it’s there if you want to access it. I also decided to share LA’s special relaxation playlist I made for her.

Also…LA and I really like the Children’s Indie station on Pandora.

Also, Also…I reached 500 likes on the blog today! Thanks Yo!

Also, Also, Also…I’m totally fan-girling over here because a favorite blogger of mine liked a photo of mine on Instagram! Woo.

 Yawn, I’m sleepy. Goodnight cyberspace.

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