Welcome to Paradise…

IMG_0906We should/could be basking in the sun and listening to the roll of the ocean waves in the Dominican Republic right now but instead we are knee-deep in dirty diapers and listening to the wails of a two month old refusing to have a nap…And we couldn’t be happier.

For reals.

I swear.

Last year we booked our next Olivia* vacation while celebrating our honeymoon on the Olivia Equality Cruise. On the cruise we finally realized we are not cruise people. We do not like a structured schedule of events laid out for us daily. We do not want to feel obligated to see beautiful exotic locations when we really just feel like sitting on a balcony with a cold beverage…so we booked a resort as our next trip. While we were booking our vacation, the saleswoman was trying to sell us on the idea of being close to the action…but we wanted our room in a secluded area…because our vision for our Punta Cana trip involved a plush room with a fully stocked bar we could access at any time, strolling along the beach as we watched all of the others party from a distance, and snorkeling on a remote end of the beach by ourselves. We are not total loners but we do appreciate some quiet time. Olivia vacationers though are super sweet…you’re surrounded by women from all over the world…It’s pretty amazing. Also the vacations seem to be pretty addictive so the same people are booking over and over.


We cancelled this trip last June for reasons that are now super obvious…She weighs 10 lbs. and loves a boob! Lisa remained a member of the Facebook group for the trip so she is being teased daily with pictures of fun times in Punta Cana. Even though we are missing out on the fun in the sun, I do not think we are ready to be away from little LA for longer than a work day and that is stretching it! So when it was finally officially announced that Olivia will be doing a family vacation for 2016 with R Family Vacations, I was super excited! While I am so so so happy that Olivia does women’s only adult vacations, being able to go some place as a family is also amazing. Even before I knew I was gay I wanted to go on an R Family cruise (glaring red flag I missed).


Click on the picture for more details!

This just sounds like a wonderful family vacation. Maybe if they keep doing these, we can have a blogger meet up with our families!!!

P.S. I am not a spokesperson for a Olivia. I just happened to fill out a questionnaire about a potential for this type of vacation.  I was very enthusiastic in my response so I am glad they took my advice…so you’re welcome!

*If you don’t know what Olivia is, you’re probably straight. It’s a lesbian vacation company that has been around FOREVER. They really know how to throw a lady vacation!

2 thoughts on “Welcome to Paradise…

  1. WE ARE GOING TO THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are figuring our Mary’s passport and once that is squared away we will be booking out trip!! DUDE!!! We can totally hang out on this trip ( and we too are those that would rather be on the outskirts, but have no problem partying it up when we are good and ready!) We’ll talk more about this, for sure!

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