I am not 37 and neither is my wife…

I had an amazingly large brain-fart which I am claiming was brought on by parenthood. My super wonderful awesome forgiving wife fo’ life had a birthday. Through the power of miscommunication and corporate policy…Lisa was at home all weekend! So even though I had a birthday present for her, I did not have a card. I love greeting cards…a whole bunch so I went downstairs to write a note…draw a picture…something.  However, I found a kid’s birthday card that I thought was PERFECT! Hilariously, I wrote in a 3 in front of the 7 with a Sharpie…manufacturing a 37.  Listen people I was full on happy with myself and my silly gesture…I proudly plop her card on the counter which she finds and opens…

Let’s just say, she is not 37 which means neither am I.


No matter how hard I wish…I can’t make that not a 7.

2 thoughts on “I am not 37 and neither is my wife…

  1. LOL!!! This is TOTALLY something I would do! I always draw curly hair on all the lovey dovey cards I buy Callie with a couple on them. Heck, i have even been known to draw curly hair on dogs, muppets, feet, babies, and the occasional Disney Princess…


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