Mom Music Musts: Indigo Girls – One Lost Day

After I posted a picture while anxiously awaiting the availability of my pre-ordered Indigo Girls album, several (OK, two) people commented that they had no idea. SHOCKED, I say, I am shocked. You mean you didn’t have time between changing diapers and breastfeeding to keep up with latest music releases*?!? Quelle horreur!

Don’t panic. I am here.

The Girls dropped a new album, as they say, yesterday this past Tuesday entitled One Lost Day. This is not a review of the album but a music suggestion. I am a fan of the Indigo Girls and the album so I have no desire to critique. I have no desire to find fault with something I enjoy. I could go track by track but they did it for me on Spotify with commentary for each song. Listening to how the songs evolved and the meaning evokes a music nerd nirvana state for me.


My favorites in no particular order are:

Elizabeth – This very nostalgic song with a nice pop sound reminds me of summer. Makes me want to go on a road trip or sit in the grass while listening to live music.

If I Don’t Leave Here Now – I knew there was something about this song. It just resonated with me so when I heard that it was about addiction it gave me a deeper appreciation and connection to it. “Killing yourself to stop from running out of life,” those lyrics just cut deep. Part of the song at least came about with the death of Philip Seymour Hoffman. It’s a hauntingly gorgeous song. (Spread the Pain Around has the same sort of feel as well)

Learned It on Me – Cathartic and peppy. A great answer to all of those exes who need all the closure. Also I totally see it as bookend to Brandi Carlile’s Heroes and Songs.

Rise of the Black Messiah – A note from Amy (11/09/13) best tells what this song is about and its origins. From Angola prison to what is happening across the U.S. and most recently in Baltimore, it strikes a major chord.

A new album means The Girls are on tour this summer! Heading out across the US to give us a little summer night magic amongst the fireflies. I will be seeing them at the most fabulous venue ever, Wolftrap in Vienna, VA. Click here for tickets to that show if you’re in the area or need a weekend getaway! I’m totally jealous about this…if you’re in the Mobile, AL area, Kristy Lee will be opening.

My first Indigo Girls (2006) concert can be closely described as a religious experience. I went knowing very few songs…just the popular ones from the 90s but I left there a true believer of all things Amy and Emily. I have not missed a tour through whatever city I lived in since that first show. Our baby listened a lot of IG in utero so she should know every lyric of their Retrospective Album which I’m pretty sure will equate to her being quite the wordsmith one day.

For your listening pleasure, I’ve created a Spotify playlist of the album but go buy it on iTunes or Amazon or Target.

*Sarcasm fully intended.

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