3 Month Update


One Month, Two Month, Three Month….

The fourth trimester is over. Woo hoo! We survived colic and the heights sleep deprivation…and some things I have probably blocked from my memory. The first three months of life are proof that babies are just as freaked out as we are that they are on the outside. Imagine you have been living in a plush pad with all the food you needed, you’re warm and snug listening to the sound of your womb…then you’re evicted…not just evicted but forced to exit down a dark narrow tunnel and out a through a small hole that squeezes your head into the shape of a cone. I think we would all need some time to adjust to that scenario. Am I right? And there is no honeymoon period either. Everyone is REAL and showing there true colors from day one. So it’s OK if you’re baby sees you dab your tears from that ugly cry with that stale toast you were trying to scarf down because you haven’t had time to eat or sleep in three days…she won’t remember anyway…And us parents are all so sleep deprived we forget how hard it all was and quickly want to sign up to do it again…So the first three months are a bit of an adjustment period for everyone involved. But then some time in the third month things take a turn…like magic, those sweet smiles become more frequent…laughter, cooing and babbling become an intoxicating mixture of noises that fill your day instead of all the screams…because there is A LOT of screaming in those first couple of months…Ohhhhh, the wailing…(Sorry, was having a flashback).

But like I said, things are changing like just this morning LA woke up for her morning feed but not quite ready for the day. So after finishing her bottle she looks at me, smiles a few times and falls back to sleep. She has done this a couple of times. She doesn’t giggle or coo. Just flashes me a cute toothless grin while squeezing her hands together excitedly like I just told her the best news ever.


I missed out on doing a two month update because well mom things…so just to catch you up. LA weighed in at 10 lbs. at her check up and got her first round of shots. We think she weighs a little over 11 lbs. according to the very precise weighing technique of getting on the scale sans baby, getting on with the baby and then using some elementary math skills. It’s like weighing the baby at the doctor except with more clothing and less peeing on the scale. Not only is she growing at a normal rate, she is meeting her milestones.

Tricks My Baby Can Do:

  • Smile
  • Laugh
  • Grab hair, toys, necklaces, fingers and dog fur
  • Sit up with assistance
  • Recognize moms and Grammy really well
  • Follow voices and noises
  • Roll over from front to back (and back to front on the bed)
  • Hold her bottle when only a teeny bit is left
  • Babble and coo
  • Blow bubbles and make a motor boat noise (you’re welcome)
  • Scoot on her back when she really wants something

LA Loves:

  • Doing the motions to Do Your Ears Hang Low (Grammy inspired)
  • Playing on her piano mat. She has no idea she is making music yet but she loves the frog toy that hangs down and staring at herself in the mirror.
  • Bath time which is a nice change from those first few baths
  • Eating (boob or bottle, whatever is on the menu)
  • A nice clean diaper
  • Her changing table
  • Playing in her Exersaucer
  • Sleeping on mom’s shoulder
  • A king size bed all to herself
  • Watching the cow jump over the moon
  • Tagging along in her Ergo

LA Loathes:

  • Waiting to eat
  • When other people need to eat (ha)
  • Paper wipes (Diva!)

We swoon over her daily. It is so much fun watching her grow into a little person. Thanks for following our journey so far!



P.S. Lisa is fine too. She’s basically a food machine right now but breast is best they say. Actually, she is so cute with LA and impresses me everyday with her mommy skillz.

12 thoughts on “3 Month Update

  1. How quickly we forget those first 3 months! They should come with a warning – ATTN: CUTENESS CAUSES AMNESIA…and what a cutie she is! And is it just me or do they ALWAYS get a little crazy when it’s time for you to eat?! Glad to hear everything is going swimmingly…

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