Unholy Act in the Holy City

I was not going to write about Charleston but so many of my fellow bloggers are not from the US. Maybe you have never heard of Charleston or even South Carolina.

Charleston is on the coast of the Southern part of the US. Its facade is of a period long ago frozen in architecture. It is a city rich with beauty, history and culture. The taste of Charleston rivals no other. It is also where…

…my grandparents would drive me to on Saturdays to see the pineapple fountain or visit the war ships in the harbor.

…I spent a summer working at a resort because I thought it would be like that summer the gang from Saved by the Bell worked at a resort….It totally was not AT ALL.

…my friends and I spent New Years Eves listening to the Blue Dogs at the Music Farm.

…my best friend and I spilled a bottle of red wine on a white comforter at the Hampton Inn.

…I called home for four years.

…made lifelong friendships with amazing people.

…brunched, lunched, suppered with a guy named Sweet T.

…adopted my fur kid.

…won a karaoke contest on a random Wednesday night at Dudley’s.

…drank margaritas and ate burritos instead of going to class.

…rode my bike along the battery in the early morning breeze.

…met my wife and fell in love.

Charleston is all of these things and more to me so when I woke up to the news that 9 people had lost their lives in a senseless act of violence I was shocked and sad. One of the first tweets I saw said that Sen. Clementa Pinckney was one of the victims. While I didn’t know him personally, I knew of him…our paths had crossed. He was a freshman state representative at only 23 years old when I was a freshman in college working at the State House. I was in awe of him. I thought it was amazing that someone so young had so much support from his district. I had many political aspirations at 18 years old so I really took notice of him.  As I read about each of the victims, my heart ached a little more for their children, spouses, grandchildren, friends, students…the list goes on…in our lives we touch so many in small and big ways. South Carolina and the world lost nine bright lights.

The shooter wrote a manifesto of hate, racism and vitriol. The people of Charleston are answering with an opus of love, peace and unity. Today at 10:00 AM the bells of the historic churches in Charleston will ring their bells in solidarity.


A fund has been established to help the families of the victims for funeral costs, counseling, etc. Address Below:

Mother Emanuel Hope Fund

C/O City of Charleston

P.O. Box 304 Charleston, SC 29402

4 thoughts on “Unholy Act in the Holy City

  1. It’s helpful to have a personal perspective like yours because I don’t know anyone from there and don’t know much about SC. I’ve been learning about the victims and the shooter on NPR and thinking about it a lot. Thank you for sharing.

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