Thursday, June 25th – SCOTUSBlog Live

Picture Taken on Oral Argument Day outside SCOTUS

Picture Taken on Oral Argument Day outside SCOTUS

I have decided to update my blog in real time in anticipation of the pending decision in the Obergefell v. Hodges case. I will do this tomorrow and Monday if necessary as well. When the opinion does come out, I promise to run down to the Supreme Court and share the excitement from the streets. I mean this is all purely for my own amusement but I think it could be fun. Feel free to comment on what marriage equality would mean to you. Opposing opinions are welcome as well just be respectful.

[9:12 AM EST] On SCOTUSblog Live – Join everyone!!! Here is a Link!

[9:20 AM EST] I do not comment or ask questions on the SCOTUS Blog. People ask a lot of the same questions but can be answered in the FAQs.

[9:31 AM EST] P.S. I am at work so likely I may get interrupted by work but hopefully not at 10 AM when opinions start.

Also, just saw that UniteForMarriage has a listing of events going on across the U.S. for when the decision does come out.

[9:37 AM EST] There are 7 cases left for SCOTUS to issue opinions in from this term. Several still left from January and February oral arguments. The SSM case was argued in April so what I’m saying is today may not be the day. Check out the statistical analysis of this term.

Another picture Oral argument day at SCOTUS

Another picture Oral argument day at SCOTUS

[9:44 AM EST] The live blog feed has been quiet for 4 minutes…I even refreshed to be sure. Hope the site hasn’t crashed! That would be tragic!

[9:50 AM EST] If SSM opinion doesn’t come out today or tomorrow. I’ll definitely make sure I’m at SCOTUS for the 10 AM opinions. Decision made.

ALSO 30K on SCOTUSBlog Now!

[9:51 AM EST] Two boxes of opinions which means 3 or 4 opinions today are possible or maybe 2 fat ones.

[9:57 AM EST] People are asking some eye roll inducing questions. Some I hope are jokes but maybe not. I just keep reminding myself…Everyone needs to learn. Questions are good.

[9:59 AM EST] 1 minute until opinion time!!! Squeeeeeee!!!!!

[10:00 AM EST] Waiting for Lyle (I can explain that later)

[10:02 AM EST] First opinion – Texas Housing – Justice Kennedy has the opinion.

[10:04 AM EST] This is a pretty major case. I’ll post the link in a bit. Next opinion could be from Kennedy, Scalia or Chief Justice.

[10:07 AM EST] SCOTUS Blog user count 62K

[10:08 AM EST] Next Opinion – Healthcare (King v. Burwell) case – Chief Justice for the Court – 6-3 Fourth Circuit affirmed – Holding: Subsidies are available.

[10:10 AM EST] In layman terms per Amy Howe – This means that individuals who get their health insurance through an exchange established by the federal government will be eligible for tax subsidies.

As a side note: I have to pee. And Scalia is my favorite Justice. I never actually agree with him but I love the way he writes. And he’s pretty darn funny. 


[10:12 AM EST] There were only two fat opinions today. There are 5 opinions left, SSM being one of them.

OK blog friends…that wraps up our day with SCOTUS. If I am looking at the chart correctly, there is still 1 case left from February, 1 from March and 3 from April but I have to pee so bad I can not concentrate.

3 thoughts on “Thursday, June 25th – SCOTUSBlog Live

  1. Thank you for doing this! I can feel your excitement. Seeing pictures from someone who is there that I have a tad of a connection to rather than AP pictures is a fun thing. We have a local church that already has a rally scheduled for the day of the decision that I would really like to try and attend.

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  2. You could probably guess from my ideology that I’m more inclined to agree with Scalia than you are. His rhetoric can be amusing, but it seems to me designed more to amuse than to convince. Preaching to the choir, to often.


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