A Letter to My Daughter on Decision Day

Dear LA: 

You’re curled up on your side asleep right now and have no idea what happened today. You won’t remember the day the Supreme Court ruled in favor of marriage equality but that’s ok. That means you’ll never remember a time when your moms weren’t legally married in every state. 

Maybe you’ll learn about this case in history class and we’ll tell you how you were just a baby. You will only ever know us as your boring moms. You’ll think we’re silly when we reflect back on when we weren’t allowed to marry in any state and how we had to get married in New York because marriage wasn’t legal yet in Virginia. And how just last summer when you were the size of a pea we were not legally married where we lived. It is a reality you’ll never have to remember. 

Things won’t always be easy because not everyone believes same-sex marriage is good. My hope is that by the time you’re old enough to understand that fact, the number will be a million times less. Because more people will have opened their hearts and minds to let a little more love in. 

Today I cried when I called your mom to tell her the good news. My body was shaking and the tears poured out with joy. I did not know I would be overcome with so much emotion. I guess I finally felt the weight of what it means to be denied a right lifted. It was a weight I did not realize was pressing so heavy on my heart. So tonight I celebrate not with parties or champagne but in the quiet of our home. You and your mom are all the celebration I need.  



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