Day 7 of NaBloPoMo – Jumping the Shark

Today’s prompt asks about a post that didn’t connect with readers. Sometimes it is hard to know what people want to read about. My most read posts are about pregnancy and weekly bump updates. Unfortunately, I could not keep my wife pregnant forever nor would I want to…just so we are clear on that. She, I’m sure, is also thankful that her 9 months as a body sacrifice came to a beautiful bouncing baby girl end! After consulting WordPress, I found out that my least popular post was from last year and very early in my blogging life.

The post was about a wonderful weekend we spent in North Carolina with Lisa’s side of the family at the Strawberry festival. Lisa and I had just started our baby making journey. We were waiting for menstrual cycles and what not. I guess the post was more of a diary entry. Since it was so early in my blogging, it had a very limited audience.

Whether a post gets read once or a hundred times, the hope is that whoever read it takes something away that helps, heals, humors or provides hope. So I would never consider any of my posts flops. Maybe I’ll put my foot in my mouth, maybe I’ll contradict myself, maybe I’ll make a bad joke, or maybe I’ll write a viral post but it’s all me.

NaBloPoMo July 2015

One thought on “Day 7 of NaBloPoMo – Jumping the Shark

  1. It’s so funny, I always wonder whether my blog is for the purpose of connecting with you all, or if it’s for the purpose of documenting my life, like a journal. It’s true that I love the exciting posts I can relate to in others’ blogs, and the ones that are more like diary entries I sometimes skim. I write that this myself though, as I did this morning, so I can remember things. Now that I blog I don’t journal as much so it’s my way of documenting my experiences. Blogging isn’t just social media, either – it’s whatever you want it to be! Anyway, your challenge and daily writing is great! Keep it going! And I love the description of your wife’s body as a sacrifice – totally true. Baby girl is worth it though.

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