Day 8 NaBloPoMo – Invisible Threads

Today’s prompt asks what connects people with a post or blog in general. I think the answer is actually pretty simple…the desire to connect. We all want to connect with other people. When I began my blog I sought out other lesbian women making babies to read about. Those were the stories I wanted to read…those are the people I wanted to connect with. I am invested in their stories now…their successes and their loss. I want to see those bellies, babies and ladies! Those are my people. I seek out their advice even if not directly. Since we are all at different stages of life, I can look at different posts for new perspective on situations. I saturated my reading list with these ladies because this is world I wanted to be and am a part of now.

I am not so narrowly focused that I do not connect with other blogs. Connecting with vegan parents is going to become increasingly important as our child grows. Vegan recipe blogs are pretty hot these days but they won’t help me think through tricky parenting moments. I also seek out the super funny well written blogger like The Bloggess. The first post I ever read of hers was the big metal chicken one that went viral. She has since written two books and continues to write hilarious posts. Another favorite blog of mind is Raising My Rainbow which is such a timely parenting blog about gender. The posts are heartfelt, fabulous and super witty. Fay Gay Vegan is also in my reader because of all the vegan food. Also, just this morning I added a new blog to follow about a woman on the hunt for a wife…that’s just good reading fun right there.

NaBloPoMo July 2015

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