Day 9 – Now We Got Bad Blood and Sneakers


Currently, I am on the treadmill at work listening to Taylor Swift’s Bad Blood….that’s right, we have treadmill desks that we can use when we want. Yes, I have a Blank Space radio station on Pandora. I also may have been treadmill dancing because no one else is in the treadmill room. I needed an attitude adjustment…Sitting at a desk all day kind of wears on the soul a bit. I am not particularly fond of steamy 90 degree weather either so I’m not doing my daily walks on the outside. I let myself forget how good it feels to walk, to clear my head, and to “shake it off”.

So here I am trying to make my mind a blank space kind of like it was when I was 22…I seriously could probably write an entire post with sentences including one or more Taylor Swift song titles but I won’t. See this walk and Taylor Swift have already drastically changed my attitude.IMG_1420

I woke up to the sounds of my baby’s voice. She makes my heart happy and light. I shared a morning routine with the person who I couldn’t imagine life without. I left my beautiful baby in the hands of the most capable and loving hands besides her own mothers’. I listened to a podcast that got me interested in meditation. I read a funny blog post by a blogger I had checked in on this morning because she had been so quiet but she’s still up to her shenanigans. I did some mindful breathing before my work day started. I have a nifty desk that raises and lowers..and a white board…gah, I love a white board. I ate a good home cooked meal for lunch. My training class got pushed back (Woo). I get to go home in an hour to be with the people who matter the most. We will be well fed. Well slept. And loved.

My life is good. Sometimes I forget. I should not let that happen.

13 thoughts on “Day 9 – Now We Got Bad Blood and Sneakers

  1. Bob Marley radio makes me super happy in the morning…and obviously Taylor Swift…I’m a total Swiftie! Sometimes, we get so wrapped up in the all the negative stuff (since it can really be all consuming) that we forget about the really awesome stuff…this puts that all into perspective…


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