Day 10 – Outbreak Monkey Wants to Hold Your Hand

So I’ve been thinking about today’s prompt for hours and hours. I have never had a blog post go viral. I think a lot more Instagram photos, Vine videos and YouTube videos go viral these days than just personal written content. Maybe one day I’ll post something and it will go viral for all the right reasons. Until then, let’s just enjoy these guys…

Esther the Wonder Pig – This gal, thanks to her dads, created a movement of compassion. Her dads thought they were getting a micro-pig but ended up with a large and in charge lady. She has become a pretty famous pig. Her dads have gone vegan and even opened an animal sanctuary!


Eisleigh and Clyde – A super cute puppy crawls up on a baby and falls asleep. How could you not share?

Theo & Beau – These guys have napped there way into a book. They are so sweet and cute.


And then there were some viral lady lady baby announcements…



Happy Friday! Thanks for following along on this daily blogging adventure. Some actual baby content coming this weekend!

NaBloPoMo July 2015

One thought on “Day 10 – Outbreak Monkey Wants to Hold Your Hand

  1. I too follow Theo and Beau and the town they live in is one we vacation at frequently and only about 2 hours away. I so want to run in to their family some day.


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