Day 14 – Let’s Do Lunch at the Cool Kids Table

Which blogger would I want to have lunch with?

Ummmm…I have to pick just one.

Impossible task.

It seems so finite.

That’s like asking what my favorite song is. I couldn’t possibly choose…And I’m sure anyone I wouldn’t go to lunch with I am no longer reading that blog. Why would I read a blog that makes me not want to eat lunch? That sounds like a terrible idea.

I choose everyone! There are so many lunches left in this lifetime, I am sure I can fit you all in. If we run out of lunches, we will start having dinners…and don’t forget breakfast…we could have pancakes…and if we are really in a bind there is always brunch. If you’re the commitment issue type, there is always coffee. Just a latte in a to-go cup just in case your best friend calls and you need to go rescue her from a well…OR maybe my cousin’s husband’s best friend’s sister needs me to pick her up from the kennel…It could happen!

We should go ahead and discuss where we are going to eat now.

NaBloPoMo July 2015

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