Day 15: Let’s Call This the Halfway Point

I feel like I have reached a major milestone by blogging for 15 days straight. I have managed to fit in a little writing every day. I mean my writing has not been all lengthy and introspective but neither are the prompts. In fact, I’m skipping the prompt for today. More questions about who I would eat with…big group, little group, no group…whoever.

Actually, I guess eating with a big group is difficult unless you do some sort of volleyball rotation so everyone gets to talk. Eating with a baby around is more like a game of hot potato. Hold the baby until she wigs…then pass the baby to the next person…Maybe it’s more like tag team wrestling…

Anyway, I never thought I would be able to keep up blogging daily this long. I like that I accepted a challenge and am sticking with it. I have tried those photo-a-day challenges…100 Happy Days…Photo 365…failed miserably…which is weird because I love taking pictures.

I think I have decided to go off prompt for the rest of this challenge. While I like the challenge of writing every day some of the prompts are way off topic and will steer the blog off course. Maybe you guys can suggest some prompts or ask some questions.

Cheers to Day 15 – Thanks for following along!

NaBloPoMo July 2015

4 thoughts on “Day 15: Let’s Call This the Halfway Point

  1. Your turtle picture reminded me of a joke my dad told me a few years back, and now every time i see a turtle, it reminds me and cracks me up…(totally off topic! My bad!)

    So there are a bunch of animals at the animal bank. (I don’t know why!) There is a super long line, and then suddenly two masked turtles come in and tell everyone to put their hands in the air and that it’s a stick up! They rob the bank, and make off with tons of money. When the animal cops come to investigate the crime, they ask these snails at the end of the line if they have any information and if they can describe the perps. One of the snails looks at the other snail and says to the cop, “I cannnnntttt tteeeeellllll youuuuuu mucccchhhhhh. Itttt allllll happpeeeeennnneedddd sooooooooooooo fassssttttt”.

    You’re welcome, and you’ll never get those 2 minutes of your life back. I apologize.

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  2. Haha thanks Sammie! Anyway, trying to eat with my niece or nephew in my arms is impossible! I wanted to hold them all the time at first and then I was like, how do my siblings eat anymore?!

    Maybe you could use prompts more related to your blog to inspire you? Why did you decide to become vegan? What are your favorite vegan meals? More about the baby?

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