Day 18: It Still Counts Because I Am Still Awake…

Things change when you become a parent. The senses become a little more heightened. Things like appropriate language and innuendo become teaching moments. You find yourself counting the number of times someone uses profanity. When you’re at a concert where there are mini Elsa’s running around everywhere…You don’t imagine you’ll hear the full version of Creep by Radiohead.

BUT YOU HEAR THE WHOLE SONG! And you’re with a 7 year old and your MIL. Every F Bomb carries the blast of an atomic bomb. And then there’s little medley about prostitution…luckily most kids don’t analyze lyrics…or have any idea what “love for sale” means or why one would “put on a red light”. I am pretty sure all of the minis around me were staring blankly at this point. It’s hot…It’s after 9:00…and they have no clue who Cole Porter is…and the only Police they know of are the ones we saw on the way in to the venue in uniform. Two hours is a very long wait in kid time to hear one song…but every kid in that place jumped up and LET IT GO!

Tonight was my first concert of the summer. AND IT WAS SO HOT! Steamy, even. It wasn’t quite the date night I had planned back in December when I bought the tickets but life changes and shifts in the most amazingly wonderful ways. Being able to say I went to a concert with my niece and MIL makes me smile. An even dorkier smile than I had when Idina opened with Defying Gravity…and you know, that’s my jam.

Great music, great company, traffic was amazing, our seats got upgraded and I had some amazing Italian ice. Not too shabby for a hot summer night.

IMG_1495 IMG_1493

P.S. It was an amazing show. It is important to remember that Idina Menzel is not Elsa or a singer of children’s music. She’s a performer who once played an ice queen, a lesbian and a green witch.

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7 thoughts on “Day 18: It Still Counts Because I Am Still Awake…

  1. sounds amazing! I love Idina Menzel! She’s such a fantastic singer and actress. Also, she amazes me in that she has crippling stage anxiety, but has never let it stop her from doing what she loves 🙂

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      • LiveNation..they’re amazing aren’t they?! I bought tickets to a country thing with a crapload of artists, and they sold not 2 but THREE people the same ticket! No seriously, it was a freaking nightmare! How they managed that, I have no clue, but we got moved up a few rows so it worked out in our favor, but seriously LiveNation! We paid over $150 for those tickets!


  2. I saw Idina Menzel in Rent in 1997 in Los Angeles. Extraordinarily un-Elsa. That woman has stage presence and a half. Sounds like an amazing night. Thanks for being part of #TwinklyTuesday!


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