Day 22: Holy Guacamole, Baby’s First Food

LA has been sticking things in her mouth for a long while now…Toys, books, her fingers, her foot, other people’s limbs. She finds that it all tastes delicious. She studies us when we eat. She is very interested. We have been talking about introducing her first food. We knew it was just around the corner but then last night, LA ripped the lettuce right off of Lisa’s plate then she stuck it straight in to her mouth. We took that as a clear indication she was ready!

So what’s a vegan baby to eat? Tonight we mixed some fresh avocado with a little breast milk. LA loved it! She ate and ate until she was covered in green from her head to her toes. I would say it was a success!

Avocado is delicious! DSC_0073




Learn more about avocados and babies – Here! (Just one of many resources out there)

P.S. Also check out this cute onesie at VeganCuts.

4 thoughts on “Day 22: Holy Guacamole, Baby’s First Food

  1. That’s awesome! That is also how we knew our son was ready for solids, love that they have a way of letting us know. When she’s ready for proteins, hummus is a good one. Beans are also a big hit, he loves Mexican food. I love her avocado face!

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