Day 23 – Podcasts You Should Listen To

Remember last year when everyone was listening to the Serial podcast? It completely swept the nation up in to some drama  from right here in the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia) vicinity. It was a compelling and heartbreaking story that kept me coming back every week for more (You should totally listen to it if you have not). Even after the podcast “season” ended, I craved a podcast fix. So I started searching for podcasts that might interest me. I feel like everyone has a podcast right now…maybe it’s the new blog…or even new blog. I think the popularity of podcasts has to do with it being easy to consume. Most are free, you download and go…no Wifi needed on the train…No data consumption to worry about after download…No need to stare constantly at your phone like you would reading or watching a video. Like a TV series, generally podcasts come out once a week. So now that I have been listening to more than quite a few on my commutes every day…I have a few favorites that I will share!


Psychobabble is by far my favorite podcast. It’s fluffy, silly and hilarious. I find myself cracking up at Tyler and Korey out loud on the train…people stare at me like I’ve lost my marbles…They are so funny I can not help myself. If you’re not familiar with Tyler Oakley, make yourself familiar with him.


One of my major concerns in life is that I will become the type of person who does not know what kind of music is currently out in the world. I do make myself listen to the iTunes Pop Top 50 each week but this cuts deeper. This is stuff you will not hear on the radio. Music from all over the world being dorked out to by some people who really care about music. I am not always in love with the music but some days I discover someone I would not have known about…like SOAK.


I can not remember if I started listening to Alison Rosen because Fortune Feimster was a guest…or if it was someone else. This podcast comes out twice a week. Mondays are usually one on one interviews – not my favorite unless the guest is someone I really like. The Thursday gang is my favorite part. It’s just a group of people sitting around talking but it works and it’s funny. The entire gang is great but Greg Heller is one interesting dude.


If you were a fan of the Chelsea Lately show, then you are probably no stranger to Ross Matthews. Another podcast with a group dynamic. Super funny and a very easy listen even though they tend to talk over each other. This podcast usually comes out every Wednesday and Friday.


The Moth is storytelling at its finest. I have heard some great stories so far listening to this podcast. Most of the people are storytellers you may have never heard of but then sometimes you get a gem like a story told by Molly Ringwald.

If you haven’t jumped on the podcast bandwagon, you should. If you have, let me know what you’re listening to! I am sure I can add one more podcast to the rotation.

2 thoughts on “Day 23 – Podcasts You Should Listen To

  1. I just started getting into podcasts too for time I spend in the car, when I am not singing Wheels On the Bus or If You’re Happy and You Know it to Bumbi. I just started listening to Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic. I will definitely check these out.


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