Things I Was Doing While I Wasn’t Here…

So maybe you thought…

I was kidnapped by clowns who made me dance the Macarena while dressed like a banana…OR

I was trapped under the world’s largest vegan marshmallow that took me a week to eat my way through…OR

I was on some secret CIA mission that I am unable to share the details of due to national security at the President’s request in Milwaukee, WI but two words…Cookie…Monster.

But no, no, no –  it was not as glamorous as all that sounds. Also, if you follow me on Instagram, you totally know I’m full of crap. It probably seems strange, considering you actually noticed or were deeply impacted by my absence, that I would take a whole week plus some off from blogging during a self imposed NaBloPoMo. I really kind of took a week off from most of social media (except Instagram). I didn’t chat on Facebook or GChat…I was so disconnected that I almost missed some huge news stories. Other than that though, it was nice to be withdrawn from the digital world. Almost like being on a cruise in the middle of the ocean except there was no ocean and no buffet. There was at least one fruity drink though.

So here is what I was doing while I wasn’t here…

Visitors from the South

My dad and stepmom came for a visit last weekend which, prompted my unscheduled departure. I really just wanted to enjoy their being here instead of thinking about what time I could carve out to blog. We ate delicious food. Went for walks. Had a shopping moment. My dad played guitar and sang Hey Jude for LA. It was such a sweet moment. We BBQ’ed! We worked in the yard. We chillaxed. But most of all we enjoyed each other’s company


Played Hooky From Work

The kind of hooky when you request paid vacation days and your boss says yes. So I mean it wasn’t exactly bad ass hooky but I did get to stay home all day with my little bald puppy in my pajamas while catching up on our stories. YOLO! LA and I did venture out to meet up with some former work colleagues of mine on Monday and to see our friend PB.

Watched Gilmore Girls

I have decided to do an entire post on the Gilmore Girls. I haven’t finished every season but I do wonder what I was doing while the Gilmore Girls was on originally…I had my first GG rhythmic speech dream the other night. I am fully immersed in Stars Hollow now. I am going to be sad when I reach the end.

LA’s Four Month Appointment

We were finally able to get in to see LA’s physician last week. She had some shots, got weighed and measured (so close to her 5 month day that I’ll save those stats for another post as well). Poor child ran 102 degree fever after her shots. She was miserable but her reaction to the shots only lasted a day. She is doing wonderfully and changing every single day. IMG_1571

So here we are in August…Summer is almost over. For some kids school has already started back signaling the end of summer for sure. Some of you have summer bucket lists which, are great. I hope you were able to fill those summer buckets up with memories. Summer is not my thing though. Fall is more my thing. I’ll have buckets of lists of things to share with my little LA once the outdoors does not feel like the fiery pits of Hades.

Happy August Kids! Fall is a comin’!!!

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