I Lost My Shoes…but I Found Self Love or Something Like That

If you follow me on any other social media, you may have gleaned that I lost some shoes…

I lost my running shoes. How does one lose shoes you ask? Have you met me? Probably not unless you have then you know that it is not odd at ALL that I lost a whole pair of shoes. And if you have met me and you’re laughing your head off because you are not at all surprised by this information, I have something in my pocket for you…It’s not candy.

I looked in my car, closets, under my desk, Lisa’s car, then deeper in the closets to no avail. I even got down on my hands and knees to look in that dark corner that little press on light does not reach. It took me two weeks to admit to myself and others that I had actually misplaced or left my shoes someplace. I walked on the treadmill in my flats…an inadvisable thing to do. I walked the baby in my surf shoes which have never seen surf. I hoped my running shoes had found a new home on someone else’s feet who needed them more. I wished good things for my trusty Brooks.

The truth is I probably needed new running shoes because I could not remember when I bought those Brooks. So I put on my flats and walked to City Sports in Chinatown for some new shoes…


I let the sales dude help me so I could get shoes and get back before lunch was over. He commented on my pronation which I knew I had. Then he politely chastised me for walking all the way there in flats. So I felt the need to share that I lost my shoes…I am pretty sure he thought I was a weirdo. The dude talked me in to trying on a few different types of shoes because in his words, “I needed to date outside my comfort zone.” Not that I was resistant but I totally went in there thinking I was walking out with a new pair of Brooks. Instead I chose these….



My new shoes and I are off to a wonderful start. We have walked, jogged and strolled the baby. I barely think about my Brooks anymore.


So I had given up on ever finding my Brooks when lo and behold I found those assholes in the entryway closet where I had looked no less than 3 times. At some point they ended up on top of the eco friendly reusable grocery bags that I always for get then were covered up by more said grocery bags. I only noticed them because I was digging in the basket and heard something heavy knock the wall…

At that point, I had two choices: 1. Admit that I had not looked hard enough for my shoes. Thereby, confessing that I am a hot mess and do not have it all together (because I’m totally fooling everyone). 2. Throw them away and pretend I never found them. Who was gonna know?  The baby can’t even talk.


Here are my shoes looking all innocent and non menacing.

So I have two pair of running shoes now.

13 thoughts on “I Lost My Shoes…but I Found Self Love or Something Like That

  1. This whole post was pretty hilarious. Have the shoes met each other yet? I’m pretty sure they would have an interesting conversation…and I have done this more times than I care to admit, you know, the old “lost-something-and-repurchased-it-only-to-find-it-in-some-place-I-already-looked-at-a-bazillion-times-before” thing…Callie gets on me for it all the time…glad you found them though!

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  2. “I found those assholes” – love this line. 🙂

    I am on my fifth pair of sunglasses in 2 weeks and sadly I had a back-up pair that failed to do their job because I don’t know where I put them. Mom brain is a costly affliction.

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  3. This is hilarious. But probably not for your bank account. I love Brooks because they help my overpronation but I used to wear Saucony. Keep both! You’ll wear them both out slower and you’ll need more someday anyway.


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