Diet Coke-less Diaries – Putting Down the Crack Can


This infographic was in my Facebook newsfeed this morning. I can not remember who posted it.

I have decided to give up my daily Diet Coke habit. I generally drink one Diet Coke per day at lunch but apparently that’s bad too. Sometimes I’ll have a CF Diet Coke at home with dinner which is also bad and pointless because no caffeine.

It’s there. It’s easy. I like bubbles.

I also like something heartier with meals than water. I would not categorize Diet Coke as something that I crave. I do not think I have soda “problem.” However, I think science has more than proven a time or two that it is evil and totally bad for you. While I do not see myself never having a Diet Coke ever in my life again because bourbon and Diet Coke is a thing…I am going to go cold turkey for two weeks. For two weeks I am going to keep a daily journal of how I feel, any cravings, and what I decide to reach for instead of a Diet Coke.

Day 1: Lunch time is approaching. Normally I would go downstairs to buy a can of Diet Coke or go to the machine on my hall. I know I will want something to fill the void…So I bought a smoothie today from Protein Bar. Today turned out to be a success and I did not miss having a Diet Coke. I do not feel any different not having one today.

Day 2: It is Friday so I am starting my day with an iced latte from Starbucks but don’t worry there will be water. Friday evening was pizza, vegan wings and beer night. Normally, I would want soda of some sort for this meal but I had one beer. It was delicious as was the vegan wings!

Day 3: I don’t really wrestle with Diet Coke cravings over the weekend. I did have lunch with a friend out and ordered water. I did have a brief moment when I thought about ordering a Diet Coke. There was an honest pull to just order one but I resisted. I did have a beer with dinner again.

Day 4: I really had to talk myself into remembering that I was not drinking Diet Coke. I was meeting a friend for a play who always orders Coke with grenadine so sometimes I’ll order the diet version. However, surprisingly he was having a cider so I had a beer. No, I have not replaced Diet Coke with beer…It just seems that way.

Day 5: Monday mornings are rough. I have never solved them with a Diet Coke except when I worked at an office where the Diet Cokes were free. I wanted a Diet Coke so bad with lunch but I didn’t do it.

Day 6: I can not tell if I am tired from sleep deprivation or if I am having Diet Coke withdrawals. Could I be? Did I drink enough to have withdrawals? I’ll have a sparkling water and move on! My evening was made fantastic by the appearance of iced tea!

Day 7: Seriously, I think I am having some sort of withdrawal. I am soooooooo tired. I just want to sleep at my desk. Is it the Diet Coke? What is happening? Zzzzzzzz…

If you decided to give up Diet Coke and you’re feeling like reaching for a can, a bottle, a drink machine, or skipping the glass and grabbing that little sprayer gun from you’re favorite bartender then just spraying the cancer cola straight into your mouth, read this article.

Day 8: I went home. Ate dinner…and went to bed. I was freaking exhausted. I feel better now and I did not try to solve my problem with a caffeinated soda even though the thought crossed my mind. I bought myself two large bottles of sparkling flavored water to keep at my desk. Just in case those feelings from Day 6 and Day 7 return and I feel desperate.

Day 9: Things have been smooth sailing. I can not tell whether I am feel any different after not having Diet Coke for this long. I think maybe if I had been a heavier drinker I would notice though. I know longer have visions of my bones being devoured by acid so there’s that.

Day 10: The weekends are unbelievably easy to keep Diet Coke free. My time is occupied and I’m not sitting at my desk wondering what I can drink next to keep me from going into a sedentary coma.

Day 11: We went to eat at one of our favorite vegan restaurants, Sunflower Vegetarian where I sometimes like to have bourbon and Diet Coke but I resisted. Instead I enjoyed some refreshing water and a lemonade.

Day 12: While walking to my bus at the end of the day, I realized I had not thought about Diet Coke all day long. I had some yummy black cherry sparkling water in the afternoon. Maybe my taste buds are more enhanced because the flavor was pretty spectacular.

Day 13: I keep feeling like I need a boost or something extra today. I went for a walk. I walked on the treadmill and can not shake the feeling. I am so close to finishing out my two weeks without Diet Coke.

Day 14: LAST DAY! I promise not to celebrate tomorrow with a Diet Coke. I think I have broken the daily habit though. Iced tea made an appearance at dinner tonight which was so welcome. Iced tea feels like home.

So here I am on the other side of my Diet Coke-less Challenge. Physically I can not see what I have done for my health but I know that giving up my daily Diet Coke is good for me. I feel like I broke a cycle of reaching for the wrong thing when I need some flavor and fizz. I would like to think that if I had any caffeine dependency that I put a dent in it in some way. I am mostly proud of myself for deciding to take a challenge and sticking it out. Two weeks was a doable time period for me. It did not seem daunting. I could see the other side in case I was super miserable but it gave me enough time to realize that I can go stretches without something I like and is easily accessible.

P.S. – I want to stress that I am giving up a daily habit because I will eventually drink Diet Coke again. I can not resist one of those huge soda machines where you can add flavors and such. I think they’re amazing…and I love Cherry Vanilla Diet Coke. I may want to drink a half Diet half Cherry Coke at the movies. I just want you all to understand that if I have a soda in the future that I am not a hypocrite nor have I fallen off some crazy anti soda wagon. Right now I am doing this for me as an experiment. 

P.P.S. – I am totally not damning your Diet Coke addiction, love, or preference AT ALL. I love the stuff I do but if it is eating my bones I have to take that in to consideration. I like my bones.

P.P.P.S. – While this challenge is not vegan related in nature…If you were wondering whether Diet Coke was even vegan, information I have found says yes it is as far as ingredients go. However, something doesn’t feel right about drinking it even though it is technically vegan. 

5 thoughts on “Diet Coke-less Diaries – Putting Down the Crack Can

  1. I saw that on FaceBook too. I only drink diet coke (cherry zero) in the hot days of summer when I’ve gone for a jog, but lately I’ve craved it every day. I don’t think an occasional one will hurt you at all but it’s great that you’re go if up the daily! Not easy to do. Good job.


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