Summer Bucket List: Watch Gilmore Girls

WARNING: This blog post may contain spoilers from a show that ended in 2007. 


What did you have on your summer bucket list? Reading Proust, Hiking the Appalachian trail, following Taylor Swift’s 1989 tour, knitting sweaters for hairless cats? Not me. I haven’t even put on a bathing suit this summer but the upside is I have no tan lines. I had no summer bucket list so I am pretending I did. So my bucket list was to stay safely inside with my air conditioner from all the heat and watch all seven seasons of the Gilmore Girls.


Totally wrote this in May…not five minutes ago at my desk.

I watched all seven seasons…some episodes by osmosis because I fell asleep but felt I had gleaned enough to know what happened. It’s totally a show that I should have watched already. It’s quick witted, well written, great cast…It is right up my Dawson’s Creek, Felicity, Saved By the Bell, Pretty Little Liars watching alley…No reason for me not to watch…so what in the world was I so busy doing that I couldn’t watch the Gilmore Girls?!?

The easy and most obvious answer is: Drinking.

You know the irresponsible week night binge drinking that Lifetime movies warn us about. Don’t look at me like that, you did it too…I wasn’t even peer pressured. I was leading the charge. So this is me owning my debauchery not blaming friends who were clearly bad influences on me. Season 1 began airing in October of 2000. Through the power of the internets I was able to determine that the show aired on October 5th which was a Thursday. In 2000, I was a senior in college. Thursday night was for going out. Thursday was not the night of sitting on your couch watching TV.

Want me to blow your mind?

Binge watching wasn’t even a thing yet…when did Netflix even start streaming?…Kardashian was not even a household name yet* (by a very slim margin). The iPhone did not exist yet*. 

Then the show moved to Tuesdays but Buffy the Vampire Slayer came on Tuesday night. I watched that show even when it was going through its Dawn Summers phase…I was invested. Also DVR did not exist. TiVo was around but I was too poor for TiVo. I do not exactly remember when DVR became the standard thing but I don’t think I had it until like 2008 or maybe later.

Overall, I liked the show…I am not the kind of person who would pick apart the fictional relationship of fictional characters so I have no complaints about their dynamics or any underlying commentary on single parenting. The Luke and Lorelei story line was my favorite part…but I was also a sucker for Ross and Rachel, then Big and Carrie…those “will they or won’t they” story lines are my jam.

Side Note: Does anyone know if Luke and Lorelei were a nod to Luke and Laura from General Hospital? I mean the names are PRETTY close. And who knows Luke could have been sporting those tight curls under that ball cap.

Rory’s relationship with Jess was my least favorite. He was a complete and total asshole, am I right? I found nothing redeeming about him. I feel like I was supposed to be getting subtext or rooting for him but he had the worst attitude and I couldn’t get past it. When he returned later he seemed to have lightened up but ugh…I just didn’t like him.

I know this show ended like 8 years ago now but I don’t think of it as outdated except the technology. Flip phones for days. I know some of you are still sad you can’t have your Razr back. The iPhone can do so much but it can never flip open like your trusty Razr.

Then Rory got a TMobile Sidekick…with a nice product placement plug in an episode. I never had one but do you remember those? So thankful for the invention that is the smart phone.

Not to mention Rory had an iBook. If only Rory Gilmore could have had an MacBook Air, she would have had more room for books.

I really enjoyed the seasons at Yale. TV shows don’t often do transitions from high school to college well but I think Gilmore Girls did an exceptional job. Rory’s years at Yale seemed to fly by. Did they skip a school year?

I finally reached the end and I felt it was rather abrupt as far as tying up loose ends. I sort of remember there being some backlash because there was no Luke and Lorelai wedding. I know I would feel better knowing those two kids tied the knot, that Sookie made the cake and some how Kirk ended up officiating. There were so many missed weddings on that show so there needed to be a wedding…an actual wedding. It would have closed out a major theme. Plus Logan just walks away? Really? I know those kids weren’t ready for marriage. What 22 year old is? But still. He just walks away. Why are last episodes always so lackluster anyway? You take people on a journey. You deep tease for seasons and seasons…We write the ending in our heads and on our hearts while we enjoy the journey. Then it ends…It just ends. Obviously, with Amy Sherman-Palladino not at the helm in the last season the passion was not there so some vision was lost.

Anyway, I grew to love Stars Hollow and all of its many characters. I think I could be happy there. They have festivals for everything! We could be the first lesbian couple in Stars Hollow!! Then Stars Hollow could have a Pride Festival! Maybe Michel would finally come out (although I’ve read that character wasn’t meant to be gay but Sookie originally was but…2000 was too early for all that).

14 thoughts on “Summer Bucket List: Watch Gilmore Girls

  1. Brilliant. I watch all the good stuff in syndication- never when it airs. This made me want to watch the quick-witted mother-daughter duo all over again. Took me back to the days of flip phones and renting seasons of Sex and the City at Blockbuster. Ah the good ol days. Well done.

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  2. I found Jess more tolerable in the rewatch. Could have done without April and the Lane/Todd (was that his name? I may have blocked it out…) thing both times through. Or was it three? Great show overall. Good choice of bucket list. Excellent foresight back in May. 😉

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      • Right! Todd Lowe was the actor! The character was fine, I guess, but I just wanted so much MORE for Lane, y’know? I think it was Television Without Pity that took to calling April “Plot Device”? Still, though, great show. Miss it lots. Love seeing the actors from it in other things.


  3. We throughly enjoy the Gilmore girls, in fact we are re watching it again now (on the second season) we watched it last year around this time as well and it was my wife’s first time to ever watch it. (My 3rd) my favorite part is the way that they show all the different seasons. It really makes me want to move to a quaint little town in the northeast. And I agree with your feelings about the many festivals and town functions! (Definitely wish there would have been a pride parade as well).

    Have you ever seen all the seasons of charmed? They have the best series finale I have ever seen, bar none. If you haven’t ever watched it I would recommend it, it took my wife about 5-6 episodes to get truly invested because of the poor quality of TV in the 90’s in the beginning, but every season gets better and better, as does the filming, music, and special effects!

    Well anyway, cheers to binge watching Netflix 🙂

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  4. Yeah in 2000 I remember taping Dawson’s creek on VHS because it overlapped with my dance classes. It was devastating when it didn’t tape because I set the timer wrong. No other way to watch it back then, I’m so spoiled now with OnDemand and Netflix. I binged watched all of Pretty Little Liars this summer. Not sure when I started, maybe in the spring.

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    • I very rarely taped anything. I remember running from Art History to grab dinner to go to my dorm in time for Dawson’s Creek. I was so cool! ha ha. Love PLL…you have any questions, you let me know.


  5. My wife watched these when they were on and owns all season on DVD. She introduced me to it and we watched all of the seasons together on Netflix…BEFORE 4 kids! There was a very short lived show called Bunheads that was on ABC family that was done by Amy Sherman-Palladino. The style reminded us very much of GG but it didn’t make it past 1 season 😦

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    • I think you have to watch past Season 1 to get in to it fully. I was not that in to 7th Heaven. I might be now though but for pervy reason that show is probably gone for good. Ted and Robin…ahhhhh…yea…Although I became very pro Barney and Robin too.

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