6 Month Baby Update


Just look at that face…I don’t even think she was mad…She can impressively make faces that I can not for some reason. Happy six months to our funny, smiley, busy, smart, little cutie pie! This post is a few weeks late but I didn’t want to let her half birthday pass without an update.


It is hard to believe that she has been ours for only 6 months. I feel as if she has always been with us. She has filled our world with so much more love than I ever knew was possible.


Even though I knew in my heart that she was a girl, I couldn’t quite picture her. I am sure my imagination would not have done her justice anyway.


At LA’s sixth month appointment, she surprised her doctor with her mobility, stability and strength then she peed on the table. LA just likes to keep it real. She weighed in at around 14.8 lbs. and is 26 inches. She’s a small wonder! Her shots made her cry but only for about 5 seconds then she was ready for a nap in the car.


Not quite the happiest baby on the block!

LA started crawling and pulling up/assisted standing during her sixth month. She is on the go all the time now. It’s a good thing baby butts are so plush because that poor booty is constantly making contact with the floor. The poor dogs get some much needed exercise running from her pincers. She gets so excited when they pay her any attention at all. Luckily she has not discovered their water bowl yet.



  • Pulling up on the couch, the stool, the TV stand, her sit-to-stand walker, her high-chair…I mean pretty much all the things.
  • Standing in her crib…maybe even having a little chew of the railing.
  • Knocking her books off of the bookcase.
  • Teething toys (even though no teeth have made it to the surface)
  • Hanging out in her Ergo while shopping, cleaning, walking…etc.
  • Playing with her toys especially her keyboard and sit-to-stand walker because they make all the noise.
  • Giving moms and grammy kisses.
  • Eating homemade mashed/pureed peas, broccoli, green beans, pears, cereal, sweet potatoes, carrots, avocado, bananas…
  • Dance parties with moms.
  • Reading and tasting a good book.
  • Trying to ride the dogs.
  • Bath time!


  • Diaper changes – This is new…it’s like rasslin’ a bear!
  • Not a huge fan of when mommies or grammy leave the room sometimes.
  • Bed time…Nap time…all the times when sleep is required.
  • Diaper changes…did I mention diaper changes are a challenge?

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