Bullying and Me – #SpiritDay

Most of us have been the victim of a bully and if we’re honest we’ve been the bully too. As a woman, a lesbian and a mom bullying is something I think about more now than I ever did as kid. I think about the times could have and should have taken a stand but did not.

I remember the kids who were bullied…daily…

For their hair…weight…height…glasses…clothes.

Who were called gay like it was a bad thing.

Those kids were my friends in early elementary school before we moved to the 4th grade playground.

Before cliques and social status became our overlords.

They were my friends before we all knew who had and who had not.

They were my friends before we knew who was hot and who was not.

I remember the kid who made fun of my weight even though I wasn’t fat.

I remember the kid who threw paper at me during lunch for no reason. He was just a jerk.

I remember that same kid called me pig and made piggy noises at me. Such an ass.

I realize that the little girl who was made fun of for her old lady clothes actually wore homemade clothes. She would be so in right now.

I realize the little boy who looked like he had leprosy actually had cigarette burns on his arms.

I realize I was lucky.

Bullying in all of its forms is harmful and dangerous. There are now even more ways to bully a person than there were just a few short years ago. As parents we have the responsibility to teach our kids that different isn’t bad or wrong. People and friends come in all sorts of packages.

All beautiful.

All worthy.

All with something to offer.

5 thoughts on “Bullying and Me – #SpiritDay

  1. I worry a lot about bullying. My children have two moms and not everyone is as accepting of that. I never want them to be bullied for that and it hurts my heart to even think of it. Not to mention children’s parents. The kids might be fine with it but will their parents not let them come to our home to play with our kids??
    Bullying is an UGLY thing. My wife works at a high school and the things I hear are terrible. Social media only adds fuel to the fire too.

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  2. Bullying scares the crap out of me as a mom. One of the biggest issues my daughter has with Sensory Processing Disorder is proprioceptive dysfunction and that is one of the biggest reasons kids with SPD get bullied – rocking, bouncing, head hitting etc. I just read several articles on this last week and can’t stop thinking about it. I was bullied. Maybe we all were at some point? I don’t know, but it sucked. As a parent this post really struck a chord, because I wish I could shield my daughter from ever feeling those shameful feelings that come from being bullied.

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  3. I know my kids will probably get bullied. I’m not naive to that. I mean, come on! Two moms! And no father. And broke parents, so I’m kind of expecting. But i’m hoping that I teach my kids enough about their self worth, and how much they are loved and wanted, and how to ignore those types of things (and have snappy as hell comebacks and a fist to match if it comes down to it) that it won’t matter to them. “Water off a ducks back” they say! I hope they pick that up. The :i don’t give a f*ck what you say because I’m so dope!” no matter what attitude. I really do hope that…

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  4. Your love gives them strength…I promise. I have classrooms full of special needs kids who’ve been kicked by life, seven ways from Sunday, and the more we love them, the better they cope when someone else is being a dick to them. Any babies would be lucky to have you, because you’ll have their backs.
    xoxo Megs

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