October – The Months Month

Is it just me or is October flying by?!? It’s like one big pumpkin flavored blur. October is my favorite month by far of all the months. It’s the perfect month. Perfect weather (except that flood situation in South Carolina this month was pretty horrid). Plaid. Hot lattes pumpkin or not. Halloween. Long sleeves. Changing leaves. Apple cider. Falling acorns (Ouch!). Pumpkins. So many things to love. October feels like love so maybe that is why October was designated to bring awareness and advocacy to so many important and close to my heart issues.

Did you know this month was….

Breast Cancer Awareness Month – I don’t think there is one of us out here in the world who has not been touched by breast cancer or some other form of cancer. Because it’s not about how much pink we can wear.

Down Syndrome Awareness Month – Check out Down With Jax and also check out Peachy’s Posse a page for a family I know who runs in honor of their son every year with their posse!

LGBT History Month – There is much on this topic so how about I celebrate my favorite LGBT icon, Edie Windsor! Who is your favorite LGBT icon?

National Bullying Prevention Month – Check out It Gets Better Project and information on Glaad’s Spirit Day. The amount of bullying resources and stories is immeasurable!

I also wrote a blog about bullying on #SpiritDay

National Domestic Violence Awareness Month – Check out the Domestic Violence Awareness Project

National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month – Check out Wave of Light by My Perfect Breakdown

National Sensory Processing Disorder Awareness Month – Celebrating Sensory Awareness Month by Bumbi’s Mom

National Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Awareness Month – Check out Remembering the Brightest Star in the Sky – Matilda Mae by MummaScribbles

Please take a minute to visit a link to learn a little about each of these topics through blog pieces and websites. This just a small slice of causes that call October their own! Please feel free to share any blog posts on these topics!

A big thank you to Bumbi’s Mom for helping me out with this one!

My Kid Doesn't Poop Rainbows

5 thoughts on “October – The Months Month

  1. There are so many important causes and you shared some great links and very moving stories. I had to stop and dry my eyes on some of them. Thank you for the link and nod. Oh and Edie Windsor – perfection. #fartglitter

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