The Versatile Blogger Award


This award was given to me at exactly the right time by Bumbi’s Mom. I had been telling myself that November would be different. I would post more in November because things were slowing down, plans were being made and life was becoming more focused. However, nine days in to the month and I still had not posted a thing. Then last night I get a lovely tweet from her with this blogger award. So thank you Bumbi’s Mom for getting me out of my slump and making me write the things that I need to write.  Please visit Bumbi’s Mom’s blog where you can read about her life with her partner raising their daughter. She is such a huge supporter of all of us bloggers, super nice and a very talented writer!

The award – Write 7 facts about yourself, and nominate 15 pope who you think deserve this award. Plus you plug that little icon in to your post. It’s like a Girl Scout badge…Post it with honor! (I wasn’t a Girl Scout but I know there are patches involved).

  • I really like the Facts of Life. You’d think Jo would be my favorite but it was Natalie. Also, Tootie is a funny name. As I kid I thought tootie was what you called a vagina…so her name was vagina in my mind.
  • I always wanted my parents to send me to boarding school probably because of the Facts of Life but they wouldn’t. Ugh. Now that I have a daughter, I know why.
  • My two year wedding anniversary was last week. I wanted to write a post about it but I didn’t. I am so slack.
  • Dry erase markers make me happy. I update the dry erase board at my desk every day.
  • I was a US Senate page and US House intern. One was a magical time, the other was a horrible summer job.
  • I still get nervous when I think about the first date I went on with my wife. Even though we had met and I had internet stalked her for like two months, it still gave me intense butterflies.
  • I like cereal a lot. I could eat it at every meal. Gripping revelation, I know!

And here are the nominations – In no particular order…A mix of new and old favorites…I’ve followed along as most of these strong women through loss and into motherhood. They have been so honest and open. Keep blogging because your words matter! For you new gals, I’m excited to follow your adventures!

  1. My Perfect Breakdown 
  2. Speck of Awesome
  3. Jessa Dreamer
  4. Baby Making Adventures
  5. Project Tiny Human 
  6. Awaiting Autumn
  7. FoxHillHouse
  8. A Day in the Life
  9. Me and My Crazy Womb
  10. Chicks Hatching
  11. The Chronicles of a Non Belly Mama
  12. Baby Bailey Mama Drama
  13. The Other Mom of Four
  14. The Gayby Project: Making the Next Generation of Fabulous
  15. Reciprocal Love

For you nominated folk, don’t feel obligated to post. I just wanted to make sure you know I am reading along and cheering for you all.

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