Our Home One Year Later

ISh3ewal3g4vsh1000000000Last year at this time we were moving in to what we affectionately refer to as the “home that we own”. Owning a home is an adventure and learning experience all rolled in to one. What a wonderfully stressful experience it is to own property, am I right? Always something to do, to fix, to update…

But when I walk through those doors in the evening the warmth and love it holds creates a force field that blocks out noise from the world outside. In just one year we’ve stuffed our home with laughter, tiny footsteps, love and countless memories.

Our little home will always be the place…

We brought our daughter home to on a snowy March day…

Where she learned to crawl, scoot and then walk on her own…

Where she said mama for the first time…

And where I rocked her to sleep so many nights…

Not that we’re moving any time soon but this house will always be our first home.


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