Happy New Year…

So I am firm believer that the new year doesn’t start until I go back to work after the holiday. That means 2016 really didn’t start until today. So Happy New Year! The last three days were just freebies…which is good because one of us was down for the count…so we spent our time at home…putting away Christmas, cleaning up for the new year and sleeping in. So naturally I am exhausted today! I finally had my glass of champagne celebrating the new year yesterday. I even found 5 minutes to color in my adult coloring book that has been taunting me for a month. I colored in some green…I look forward to at least one new color in the new year!

I like the idea of a new year, a clean slate, unwritten stories…I want to keep that vibe alive the whole year. The last 10 months with #LADC have flown by…our newborn is suddenly an independent toddler. I do not wish for time to stand still…That would be selfish and I would miss so many moments. I just wish for myself to slow down, take it all in and be present for each moment. Whether that means putting down my phone, my computer, turning off the TV or even putting down the camera. Maybe slowing down means extra tickles, running down the hall, more dance parties…but it definitely probably most likely means more love.

I do not make resolutions. I am horrible at them. But I would like to …

  • Recommit myself to not only blogging/writing more but to creating. Making sure I wake up those corners of my mind that sometimes fall asleep during the day while sitting in front of a computer.
  • Writing more about being vegan and the vegan lifestyle.
  • Getting even more active outdoors when it warms up again.
  • Be crafty with the little one!
  • Work on my photography skills again. It’s something I enjoy doing a lot!
  • Go on little adventures with my family!
  • Have more date nights with my wife!
  • Listen to more music. All of the music!
  • Be weirder. You know, in a good way.
  • Be kinder.
  • Be the mom/person my daughter thinks I am already.

Like Oprah said on that new WW commercial…If not now, when? And we all know Oprah is always right. So Happy New Year!

Please feel free to share your goals, hopes, desires…and even resolutions in the comments below!


3 thoughts on “Happy New Year…

  1. Hi. I’m a firm believer in resolving and course correcting every day, rather that waiting a full year to plot, plan and blow it. You have a great list. I’m a follower now so I’ll check in to see how you are doing. No pressure! Just as support. Ty.

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