Birthday Parties and Being the Vegan Kid: Age 2

When you are the vegan person in the room people seem to be hyper aware of their food offerings. Hosts like to say sorry for not offering more vegan friendly options. Sorry really isn’t necessary AT ALL. We go to parties for the company, the friendship, the camaraderie not to be fed all the food. Although we may completely devour your humus tray after a few cocktails. Plus when WE have a party…it’s all vegan.


LADC only went to two birthday parties at the age of one. One was hers. What she knew both times was that we took her to a room full strange people (big and small). But there were toys for when and if the initial shock wore off. We did the responsible thing for the friend party. We brought her snacks and some ice cream. I do not even remember her eating either.

She is two now and her social circle is slightly larger. We have attended a few birthday parties inthe last few weeks. We, as her parents, will try our best to make sure she has what she needs to feel included and not different during parties. Our methods will, no doubt, evolve over time. Right now, she is only two so she mostly just eats what we give her with no question. She just wants to play. She does not yet get the concept of birthday cake so that has been a non issue.


We will keep adjusting our plan as she gets older. For now…she just wants to jump in the bouncy house, eat all your blueberries, and pet your dogs and babies.

To Party Parents: You have a lot to think about when planning a party these days. So many dietary restrictions to plan for…from nut allergies, to gluten issues, to vegan friends. I would say let’s worry about those nut free kids first. That’s life and death. We know that you can not please everyone. As party planners, just be open to questions about your food options, the other parent is just trying to plan ahead for their kid. Also, don’t be offended when someone walks in with their own snacks. When possible let the guest parent take the lead in offering their child food. Some children will not know exactly what is the safe choice without a little parental guidance.



4 thoughts on “Birthday Parties and Being the Vegan Kid: Age 2

  1. Thanks for this! I always wonder if I should provide a vegan/vegetarian/DF/GF, et cetera, option for everything. But then I don’t want any guests to feel obligated to eat something. What if they hate it but know it’s just for them? Instead, I just try to have SOMETHING for everyone, even if it is usually a fruit and veggie tray. 🙃

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  2. Greetings from New Mexico! This is Kristin (IG: DosMamas) and I’m so excited to have come across your blog! I had no idea that you all were bloggers and just the other day I was telling my wife how sad I am that most of my favorite two mom bloggers have stopped writing, so this is exciting! I look forward to following. 🙂

    – Kristin @ More Than Words

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  3. I’m very used to this being vegetarian and gluten free. People get little frustrated with me as a guest, especially if they have lot going on 🙂 I very often tell them that just give me a cup of tea and I’m so good with that. I can eat at home 🙂 Few follow this advise 🙂

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